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Chapter 676

Sean replied excitedly, “I’ll listen to you, Dad!”

Donald nodded in satisfaction as he said, “Come, let’s go in and ask Charlie to give me one of the Rejuvenation Pill!”

“Ask him for the pill?” Sean hurriedly asked, “How are you going to ask for it?”

“By kneeling!” Donald replied indifferently, “Since the entire Moore family has already knelt down in front of Charlie, then we’ll have to kneel down in front of him too!”

“Kneel? You want me to kneel down in front of Charlie?” Sean jumped up as he yelled, “You want me to kneel before him? Dad, why don’t you kill me instead?”

Donald could not help but frown as he stared at his son and said, “Did you even hear anything that I was telling you earlier?”

Sean had a very sad and depressed expression on his face as he said, “But Dad, you’re asking me to kneel before him! When have I ever knelt down before anyone else aside from you and my grandfather? Didn’t you tell me that men should never kneel down in front of anyone else?”

Donald sneered before he replied, “If Han Xin thought the same way as you when he was humiliated in the past, then he wouldn’t have been named the God of War in Chinese history!”

After that, Donald asked, “What does it matter if you have to kneel in front of others? You can kneel down in front of a person before stabbing him. That is how a true hero acts!”

Sean nodded slightly when he heard his father’s words and he replied, “Okay then, I’ll listen to you, Dad.”

Donald patted his son gently on his shoulder as he smiled and said, “Being able to conform to change is also a very huge improvement!”

After that, Donald could not hide the excitement on his face as he said, “Come on and follow me into the Moore family mansion now!”


At this time, Charlie has already helped Lord Moore up to his feet.

As Lord Moore stood up, the other members of the Moore family also followed in his steps.

Everyone also stood in line to offer up their birthday gifts to Lord Moore at this moment. Therefore, Charlie returned to his seat as he allowed Lord Moore to continue with his birthday banquet.

After Charlie returned to his seat, a group of people started gathering around him as they spoke to him excitedly.

Everyone was rushing forward to place their bids for a Rejuvenating Pill.

There were also people who had already started the bid from three hundred million dollars, to four hundred million dollars, and even as high as five hundred millions dollars at one go.

However, Charlie simply replied indifferently, “I’m sorry everyone, but I really received the Rejuvenation Pill by accident. I don’t have any more of these pills after giving it to Lord Moore.”

Someone recognized Charlie and he knew that he was none other than the great Master Wade who had struck Jack Yaleman the Feng Shui master from Hong Kong to death at the metaphysics gathering at the White family mansion. Therefore, he shouted out, “Master Wade, I know that you’re the supreme leader of the metaphysics circle! I’m sure that you must have refined and concocted this Rejuvenating Pill on your own. Please have some compassion for us and refine a batch of these pills for all the old and elderly men like us. We’ll be more than willing to pay you the highest price that we can for this pill!”

At this time, Charlie thought to himself and knew that he would not be able to experience any peace in his life if anyone were to find out that he had the ability to refine the Rejuvenation Pill. Therefore, he replied lightly, “Even if I am the supreme leader of the metaphysics circle, there are just some things that are way beyond my abilities.”

As Charlie spoke, he had a look of regret on his face as he said, “Based on my personal research, this Rejuvenation Pill was refined by a genius doctor and warlock during the ancient times. It is a pill that was specifically refined for emperors and generals in the army. After many years passed, it seemed as though this medicine has slowly started to fade and even the method of refining and concocting the medicine is already lost. Therefore, I believe it will be impossible for anyone to refine the Rejuvenation Pill now. However, all of you can rest assured that I’ll definitely share this pill with everyone if I have the skills and capability to refine and concoct the Rejuvenation Pill in the future!”

When everyone heard Charlie’s words, they could not help but give up. At the same time, they could only hope that Charlie would really be able to refine the Rejuvenating Pill one day.

Donald and his son had just entered the Moore family mansion at this time. When Sean heard Charlie’s words, he quickly spoke to his father, “Dad, Charlie said that he doesn’t have any more Rejuvenation Pills on him!”

“Doesn’t have any more?” Donald smiled contemptuously before he said confidently, “I don’t believe him!”

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