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Chapter 674

Jasmine looked at Charlie with gratitude in her eyes and the feelings that she had for him increased intensely again!

She felt that she would never be able to repay Charlie’s kindness towards herself even if she willingly gave her life to him!

When Reuben heard this, he felt very angry inside.

He was very annoyed!

He blamed and hated Charlie for being so nosy!

He blamed Charlie for renewing and prolonging Lord Moore’s life!

He even blamed Charlie for giving all the credit to Jasmine!

However, he did not dare to display even the slightest resentment that he was feeling deep within his heart and he could only subdue the murderous intent that he was feeling inside.

At this time, Lord Moore nodded repeatedly as he replied sincerely, “Yes! I will always keep Master Wade’s instructions to heart!”

After that, Lord Moore kowtowed in front of Charlie again to express his gratitude and thanks to him.

Charlie had the opportunity to stop Lord Moore from kneeling down and kowtowing to him twice, but he did not do so.

His reason was very simple. Charlie felt that it was only right for Lord Moore to kneel before him!

After all, Charlie was giving him such good fortune and the medicine that he had given him was going to prolong his life expectancy for another ten long years at least! This kind of good fortune was so great and rare that it would not even be an exaggeration if Lord Moore had to kneel down and kowtow before Charlie twice every day for the rest of his life!

An ordinary man who believed in god would worship his god at least three times a day, but could the god actually give him another ten years of life?


God could not do that, but Charlie could!

Therefore, it was only natural for Charlie to receive these two kowtows from Lord Moore!

When they saw this scene, all the sons of the Moore family also came forward, one after the other. The first person to step forward was Tyler, who was none other than Lord Moore’s eldest son, followed by his third and fourth brothers.

At this time, the three brothers stepped up as they knelt down behind Lord Moore immediately.

Tyler held up his arched hands as he proclaimed, “Thank you, Master Wade, for blessing my father with such a good and rare opportunity. I, Tyler Moore, the son of the Moore family, would like to offer my sincere gratitude and thanks to Master Wade!”

After he was done speaking, Tyler kowtowed in front of Charlie without raising his head for the longest time.

After he did so, his third and fourth brother also quickly followed suit as they expressed their thanks and gratitude to Charlie.

At this time, Reuben and Jasmine also walked up and knelt down behind them.

Even though Reuben was very angry, he still shouted in a very pious voice, “Thank you, Master Wade for giving my grandfather, Lord Moore, this precious opportunity. Thank you once again, Master Wade!”

Jasmine glanced at Charlie with a very complicated and deep expression in her eyes. She was filled with gratitude, admiration, affection, and awe at this time.

After kneeling down on the ground, Jasmine also spoke up in her soft and beautiful voice. “Thank you, Master Wade, for everything you’ve done for the Moore family. As Lord Moore’s granddaughter, I would like to offer my most sincere thanks to you, Master Wade!”

The remaining grandchildren and members of the Moore family also followed suit as they knelt down in front of Charlie to thank him.

It was Lord Moore’s eightieth birthday today.

Originally, he should have been the person who would be sitting at the main seat to receive words of blessings from all of his descendants.

However, at this time, all the members of the Moore family, from the eighty-year-old head of the family to the youngest seven or eight-year-old grandchild were all kneeling down in front of Charlie in an extremely respectful manner to thank him!

This scene really stunned every single guest who had attended Lord Moore’s birthday banquet today!

The Moore family was the top and most powerful family in Aurous Hill!

However, all of them were now kneeling down and kowtowing in front of Master Wade!

No one at the scene felt that it was a shameful thing for the whole family to kneel down in front of Charlie.

On the contrary, they all felt very envious in their hearts. Some of them were even filled with jealousy!


Why didn’t this great opportunity fall on them instead?

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