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Chapter 666

After the three sons, Jasmine and Reuben walked on stage, knelt in front of Lord Moore, and presented their gifts.

Oscar then announced:

“The eldest grandson, Reuben Moore, presents a pair of imperial jadeite ornaments, worth 80 million.”

“The eldest granddaughter, Jasmine Moore, presents a painting, The Blinding of Samson by Rembrandt, worth 70 million.”

After the family finished their rounds, the guests stepped forward one after another, giving gifts.

Although the guests’ gifts were not as valuable as the Moore family members’, they were also quite pricey between the range of 10 to 30 million.

Next, Donald and Sean stood up. Sean held the gift carefully and walked toward Lord Moore with his father.

On his way, Sean shot a scornful look at Charlie.

He was about to give Lord Moore a priceless piece of authentic painting from Vermeer, it had to be the most valuable gift among all the guests!

He was certain that Charlie’s gift would pale in comparison to his gift, he would know by then that they were from different worlds!

Sean was feeling extremely proud of himself as he imagined the scene. He held the painting carefully and bowed before Lord Moore. Then, he marched forward and said with a smile, “Grandpa Moore, this is a gift from me! I heard that you like Johannes Vermeer’s painting, so I had someone bring one from our house, The Geographer, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I hope you like it.”

Then, Oscar immediately announced loudly, “The eldest son of the Webb family presents a copy of Vermeer’s original The Geographer, with a value of over 100 million!”

His announcement attracted curious gazes and attention from all the guests.

Vermeer’s paintings were relatively few and rare in the market, and every piece of his painting was extremely priceless.

Any of the most common paintings came with a price tag of at least 30 to 40 million, let alone the extremely rare ones.

Previously, Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring had been sold abroad for 3.6 billion dollars.

The Geographer was also one of Vermeer’s rare treasures. Five years ago, it had been sold to a mysterious rich man at an auction at a price of nearly 200 million dollars. There was almost no news about the painting ever since.

No one expected that the painting would resurface at the Webb family’s house. It could be assumed that the mysterious man who bought the painting was them.

Five years ago, the painting was worth 200 million dollars. If it was auctioned off now, the value would possibly be increased to 300 million!

It could even fetch 400 million if they were lucky!

Lord Moore blinked in astonishment when he heard the announcement.

He never expected the Webb family to be so generous in giving him the painting of The Geographer that was worth more than 300 million!

Everyone in Aurous Hill knew that he liked Vermeer’s painting, so it was impossible for the Webb family to overlook it.

By presenting Vermeer’s The Geographer as a birthday gift, they were completely catering to his pleasure regardless of cost.

Lord Moore couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Sean, thank you, you are so generous! I’ve been looking for this painting for a long time, thank you for giving it to me. I appreciate it very much!”

Sean was very proud and delighted upon hearing this.

Haha, he had guessed it right! The old man was obsessed with Vermeer, he couldn’t get his eyes off the painting!

However, he donned a calm and composed expression and said, “Grandpa Moore, you’re welcome. This is just a token of my affection.”

Then, he couldn’t help but glance at Charlie.

Charlie had not yet come to give his gifts. Now that he had approached the stage first to give the most expensive gift before Charlie, there was no way Charlie could beat him at this!

Hence, he smiled and said, “Brother Wade, I wonder what kind of gifts you have prepared for Grandpa Moore? Grandpa Moore admires you so much, you wouldn’t let him down, would you?”

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