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Chapter 654

Jasmine was so attentive and gentle toward Charlie, yet so cold and stern toward him, this was so insulting!

Sean gritted his teeth in dismay and commanded Cain coldly, “I’ll give you a task right now. If you do it well, wait for awesome rewards, but don’t come to see me ever again if you fail!”

Cain spruced up and burst out, “Alright, Mr. Webb, speak your orders. I’ll do my best!”

Sean shot a ghastly glare at Charlie in the yard and said, “Later, think of a way to humiliate Charlie in front of Jasmine! Teach him a lesson. I want him to be embarrassed so badly in front of Jasmine! It’s best if you can make him leave this place like a defeated dog!”

Cain grinned excitedly upon hearing Sean’s demand. It was the best chance to take his revenge! He blurted excitedly, “Okay, Mr. Webb! I’ll go down and meet him now!”

He had done some investigations on Charlie. The latter had managed to fool some of the VIPs in Aurous Hill with his feng shui tricks that had earned him the title ‘Master Wade’. Don Albert, the White family, the Quinton family, and even the Moore family, saw Charlie as the most honorable existence, and he was someone Cain couldn’t provoke at all.

However, just because he couldn’t provoke him didn’t mean that the Webb family couldn’t either!

Since Charlie had offended the young master of the powerful Webb family, sooner or later, the Webb family would teach him a lesson he would never forget!

Now that Sean had asked him to make a stand, it was a chance for revenge as well as a chance to please his master! It was like killing two birds with one stone!

The wrath of fury started to burn and spread widely as the new hatred combined with the old ones, and Cain felt exceptionally confident and enthusiastic as he had Sean Webb as his backup. He swore that he would bite a piece of meat off Charlie today. In fact, he wished he could even kill him today!

So, he immediately said to Sean, “Mr. Webb, I’ll go and meet him now!”


Most of the people were gathered around the yard. Zeke White, Graham Quinton, Albert Rhodes, Liam Weaver, and Doris Young surrounded and greeted Charlie respectfully.

Zeke, Graham, Albert, and Liam addressed Charlie as Master Wade, while Doris called him Mr. Wade.

There was a beautiful and stunning woman standing beside Graham in a light blue dress. Charlie looked at the woman carefully and was surprised to find that the beautiful woman was none other than Aurora, the athletic and energetic young woman who always donned sportswear!

He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow, Aurora, I almost couldn’t recognize you today!”

Aurora blushed timidly upon hearing his remark. She bit her lip and said shyly, “Hello, Master Wade!”

For Lord Moore’s birthday banquet, she had deliberately dressed herself up in a mature style. Because she was a college student and a few years Charlie’s junior, she didn’t want Charlie to see her as a younger sister, so she hoped that from dressing up a little more maturely, she might be able to move Charlie’s heart.

Charlie smiled at her and replied, “Hello back to you.”

Liam approached him, bowed, and said, “Master Wade, I have been waiting for you to inspect the operation of Weaver Pharmaceutical. May I know when you will be available?”

Charlie waved his hand. “The company is yours, manage it well. You don’t need my inspection and verification.”

“But Master Wade, everything I have today is yours, so, the company is also yours! If you need any help, just say it, I’ll be the first to come!”

“Thank you, Liam, I appreciate it very much.”

Liam bowed deeply. “You’re welcome, Master Wade. You did so much more for me than I could ever repay you for.”

At this moment, a sharp and sarcastic voice echoed across the crowd, “Oh damn, it’s so fucking weird, why are all of the prominent figures in Aurous Hill crowding themselves around the deadbeat loser and buttering him up? Hey, are you all blind or simply wanting to taste some shit because of your bland mouths?”

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