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Chapter 650

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Thank you for coming all the way here to pick me up today.”

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Yes, this is my responsibility. After all, it is the Moore family’s honor that you are able to attend my grandfather’s birthday banquet today.”

As she spoke, Jasmine hurriedly trotted two steps forward as she took the initiative to open the door of the co-driver seat before she bowed slightly and made a gesture at Charlie as she blushed and said, “Master Wade, please get into the car.”

Charlie nodded before he got into the car directly without being courteous or polite to Jasmine at all.

If anyone saw Jasmine, the famous and prestigious young lady of the Moore family, personally taking the initiative to open the car door for a young man, they would be so shocked that their jaw would be hanging out in the open.

However, no matter which aspect it was from, Charlie felt that it was only natural for him to be worthy of Jasmine’s act of opening the car door for him.

In terms of identity, he was the young lord of the Wade family. The Wade family was definitely more powerful and influential compared to the Moore family.

In terms of strength, he was Master Wade. Even Jasmine’s grandfather was very respectful and polite to him. Therefore, Charlie felt that it was only natural for Jasmine to open the car door for him.

Charlie did not know that Claire happened to witness this scene clearly for herself.

Claire had already met Jasmine once. This was because Jasmine had personally made a trip to her studio’s opening ceremony to congratulate her.

When she had seen Jasmine the last time, Claire had felt as though she was inferior to Jasmine in every way possible.

Claire knew that she could not compare to Jasmine in terms of their family backgrounds, their appearance, their temperament, ability, and also financial resources. Claire could not help but feel a little ashamed and embarrassed because she felt as though she had met a stunning and gorgeous beauty who was better than her in every aspect.

However, Claire would never have expected that Jasmine, who was so well-known and reputable in Aurous Hill, would actually be so respectful toward her husband!

She not only drove all the way here to personally pick him up, but she even opened the car door for him! Why was Jasmine being so polite toward her husband?

As she thought about this, Claire could not help but feel a little upset. It seemed as though she was jealous!

At this time, a thought suddenly ran through her mind…

Was it because Jasmine was interested in her husband?!

However, in the next moment, Claire could not help but feel that her suspicions were a little too absurd!

What was Jasmine’s identity?

She was the young lady of the Moore family! She had a family asset exceeding one hundred billion dollars.

Who was her husband? He was nothing but a vagrant!

Even if Charlie really had some mysterious skills and abilities in Feng Shui, it would be completely impossible for Charlie to be able to match up with the young lady of a big family like Jasmine.

However, Claire could not help but wonder why Jasmine was being so polite and respectful toward her husband?

Claire could not help but feel a little irritated and annoyed because she could not seem to figure out the answer to this question.

At this time, Jasmine had already started the Rolls-Royce as she left the community area with Charlie.

Claire felt even more upset when she saw the luxurious car gradually driving away from their house.

Was there something unspeakable going on between the both of them?

She subconsciously took out her cell phone because she wanted to call Charlie. However, she hesitated as soon as she held the cell phone in her hand.

After much deliberation, Claire decided to find another opportunity to ask Charlie regarding this matter after he had come home instead.

She decided not to act so impulsively.

They were husband and wife after all. So, she should also have a considerate level of trust and respect for him!

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