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Chapter 649

When Charlie saw how persistent Claire was, he nodded as he said, “Alright then, wife. Thank you for your hard work. I will leave now.”

“Alright, go!” Claire then quickly asked, “Since you are attending a friend’s birthday banquet, did you prepare a present for him?”

Charlie hummed before he said, “Yes, I’ve prepared a gift for him already.”

Claire hurriedly asked, “What gift did you prepare for him? Make sure that it is not too petty or cheap, otherwise, he might feel a little dissatisfied!”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “I have already prepared something that I made myself for him. It is not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it that matters anyway. After all, my friend does not really care that much about money. Therefore, I believe he will definitely love my gift.”

“That’s great!” Claire nodded before she smiled and said, “If that is the case, you should leave now!”


At this time, Charlie got up before he put on an ordinary coat. After that, he bid farewell to Claire and his father and mother-in-law before he left the house immediately.

As soon as Charlie stepped out of the house, Elaine put her cell phone down before she looked at Claire with a serious expression on her face. “Claire, why are you spoiling Charlie so much nowadays? What else can that useless piece of trash do besides help with all the housework at home? I was even thinking of letting him do even more house chores at home. On the other hand, you are simply offering to help Charlie do all the housework now!”

Claire hurriedly replied, “Mom, since Charlie has something on, just let him leave earlier. I can do these simple house chores such as cleaning up the dishes after breakfast. It is not a big deal anyway.”

Elaine blurted out, “That is not what I think! You should treat a man the same way you would raise a dog! If you are strict with your discipline with him from the beginning to the end, he will not even dare to randomly poop and pee at home, let alone jump on the bed or bite on any of your furniture. Moreover, he will even wag his tail when he sees you.”

After that, Elaine continued speaking solemnly, “However, if you just relax a little and give him some freedom, he will not only be even more arrogant, but he might also turn around to bite you in the back one day! Just look at your father whom I have been disciplining over the years. Don’t you think that he is very obedient and submissive to me now?”

When Jacob heard Elaine’s words, the expression on his face turned extremely ugly. He could not help but curse in his heart. Damn this stinky woman! So, you have always been treating me like a dog?

However, Jacob did not dare to get mad or lose his temper at Elaine. Therefore, he could only swallow his anger and keep everything to himself even though he was really upset.

Claire glanced sympathetically at her father before she said helplessly, “Mom, I will clean up the dishes, and then I will also go out after that.”

After that, Claire ignored Elaine and quickly took all the dishes as she headed straight into the kitchen.

The kitchen window of Claire’s house just so happened to face the entrance of the community. Therefore, when Claire subconsciously looked out the window as she was doing the dishes, she could see her husband, Charlie, walking outside.

Charlie did not know that his wife, Claire, was looking at him from the kitchen window at this time.

When he stepped out of the gate, he saw a red Rolls-Royce Phantom parked outside the community gate.

Immediately afterward, a very elegant woman with a noble temperament, a beautiful face, and long, slender legs stepped out of the car. This young woman was none other than Jasmine, the young lady of the Moore family.

Jasmine was wearing a red customized dress, and she looked even more beautiful today compared to any other day. She truly carried the elegance and aura of a young lady from a wealthy and powerful family.

Even though Jasmine said that the reason why she dressed up today was because of her grandfather’s birthday celebration, the real reason why she had dressed up so beautifully was for Charlie.

After all, a woman would doll up just to please herself. This phrase had not changed at all ever since ancient times. Jasmine simply hoped that Charlie would notice her beauty and pay more attention as well as show more concern toward her in the future.

Charlie could not help but look Jasmine up and down in surprise when he saw her.

Even though this was not the first time Charlie had seen Jasmine’s beauty, he could not help but praise her immediately, “Jasmine, you look truly beautiful today.”

Jasmine looked at Charlie with affection in her eyes. When she heard his words, she could not help but feel her heart fluttering inside. She was also blushing a little.

At this time, Jasmine held her dress as she turned gently in front of Charlie and asked, “Do you really think that I look very beautiful in this outfit today?”

Charlie smiled faintly before he replied, “Of course! You look extremely stunning and I think that this dress fits your temperament and elegance perfectly.”

Jasmine became even more embarrassed, and she could feel the tips of her ears burning.

Then, Jasmine bowed respectfully before she said shyly, “Thank you, Master Wade, for your kind words.”

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