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Chapter 647

Charlie truly felt like laughing when he saw Elaine’s performance.

He knew that Elaine was really short of money right now. She usually spent a lot of money all by herself, but she had to be very sad now that all of her money was completely exhausted.

Now, Elaine felt even more depressed when she saw that Jacob was going to The Heaven Springs for dinner tonight.

Sure enough, Elaine said to Jacob, “No! I want you to give me the twenty thousand dollars you are going to spend on dinner tonight!”

“Why should I do that?” Jacob was also very anxious and he blurted out, “Elaine, I am warning you not to go too far! All of our family’s savings are already in your hands. Even if you do not want to give it to me, it’s fine. Yet, you are still trying to ask me to give you my own money?”

Elaine had a guilty conscience, but she continued speaking stubbornly, “Can’t you just go to a cheaper place for dinner tonight? You can just spend ten thousand dollars on dinner and give me the other ten thousand dollars instead!”

Jacob replied angrily, “You have so much money in your hands! Why do you have to take ten thousand dollars from me? Don’t you think that you are being too much?”

Elaine said angrily, “I don’t care anymore! If you don’t give me ten thousand dollars today, I will not let you go out for dinner tonight! If I allow you to step out of this house today, it will mean that I, Elaine, have already lost!”

“You are insane!” Jacob replied as he slammed his chopsticks down on the table. After that, he said angrily, “I am warning you not to take things too far, Elaine! I’ve finally managed to invite the president and all the board members out for dinner tonight, and I have already informed them that we will be having dinner at The Heaven Springs. If you make me lose face, I will never forgive you or let you go just like this!”

“Alright, then! You can just come at me. Who is afraid of whom?”

Elaine was very anxious because she really wanted to take the ten thousand dollars from Jacob!

If she could just get her hands on the ten thousand dollars, she would be able to renew her beauty pass and go for a facial with her friends later in the afternoon.

Earlier that morning, everyone in her group chat had already made an appointment with one another to go to the beauty salon for a facial together in the afternoon. However, since Elaine did not have any more money inside her card, she could only decline the invitation under the pretext that she had something on in the afternoon.

If Jacob could give the ten thousand dollars to her, she could go and join her friends for a facial as usual!

Jacob almost cried out in anger when he heard Elaine’s words. He stood up and glared at Elaine as he said indignantly, “Elaine, why are you so unreasonable? We always give you all the money we bring home, and I even gave you the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I made from my antique sales. Why are you still not satisfied with what you have? Don’t try and push your luck too far!”

Elaine gritted her teeth before she said, “Is ten thousand dollars not enough for a meal? I just want to curb your habit of spending so wastefully and extravagantly! I really do not want you to be a spendthrift!”

Jacob’s eyes flashed red with anger as he said, “Think about it yourself! How much pocket money do I get from you throughout the entire year? When have I ever been wasteful or extravagant in my spending? In my opinion, you are the one who is wasteful and extravagant! Look at all the clothes and jewelry you own. Even though you cannot fit any more clothes into your cupboard, you still buy clothes endlessly!”

Elaine replied angrily, “I have been suffering so many grievances for so many years after I married you! Can’t you just allow me to buy some clothes? Do you still have a conscience?”

After that, tears started rolling down Elaine’s cheeks as she choked and said, “Back then, I suffered so much ridicule and insults when you got me pregnant before marriage! After marrying you, I was constantly bullied and humiliated by your mother. Now, you are even reprimanding me for simply buying some clothes for myself. I truly have a very miserable life!”

Jacob felt that he wanted to die at this point.

When they were younger, Elaine was the one who had gotten him drunk so that she could end up sleeping with him!

If it weren’t because of what she had done, why would his first love have been so angry that she left for the United States?!

Elaine had ruined his entire life, and the only reason why he chose to put up with her was because of his precious daughter. However, now, she would not even allow him to go out for dinner with his friends tonight! Wasn’t that a little too much?

As he thought about this, Jacob trembled in anger as he said, “Elaine, don’t you know for yourself what you did back then? Do you really still have the gall to blame me for it?”

“What did I do?! You got me pregnant with your child!” Elaine continued crying as she yelled out loud, “I was just an innocent girl whom you took advantage of after you got me drunk!”

“You… you are ridiculous!”

Jacob was so aggrieved that he truly felt like crying. Over the past few decades, he had been secretly enduring and suffering inside his heart. He never expected Elaine to distort the truth and blame him for everything instead. How shameless could this woman be?!

At this time, Claire was already getting a little overwhelmed, and she said, “Dad, Mom, can the both of you just stop arguing already? Can we just have our breakfast in peace?”

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