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Chapter 623

As Charlie was preparing dinner, Donald and his son, Sean, also left the Moore family mansion and drove to The Heaven Springs.

Donald has invited some of the more powerful and prestigious people in Aurous Hill to attend the banquet dinner that he would be hosting at The Heaven Springs tonight. On one hand, he wanted to find more clues relating to his youngest son, Kian’s sudden illness, and on the other hand, he wanted to lay down a little foundation for the Webb family in Aurous Hill.

Although the Webb family was the top family in the South Region, this did not mean that they had sufficient control and power over the entire South Region.

The Webb family’s base camp was in Sudbury, and this meant that they had extraordinary control and power in the Sudbury area. However, since the Moore family’s base camp was in Aurous Hill, this meant that the Webb family’s influence and power in Aurous Hill were relatively worse than the Moore family.

As these wealthy and powerful families in the South Region each had their own spheres of influence, each and every one of them maintained a tacit understanding and respect for each other. No one would try to expand their own strength or power within the sphere of influence of another prestigious family.

Donald was not trying to gain more influence in Aurous Hill, but the point was that his eldest son, Sean, really wanted to marry Jasmine from the Moore family. In order to achieve this goal, Sean would have to remain in Aurous Hill for a long time in the near future. Therefore, Donald wanted to lay the foundation for his son in Aurous Hill. He planned to greet all the big families in Aurous Hill in advance so that it would be more convenient for Sean to stay around in Aurous Hill in the future.

Sean had felt a little more irritated than usual over the past two days. First of all, it was because Lord Moore had directly refused and turned down the marriage proposal offered by Donald the last time he had brought it up. This made Sean feel very awkward and embarrassed.

Also, Sean felt even more troubled because of Jasmine’s attitude.

Both Sean and his father had been living in the Moore family mansion for the past few days. However, during their stay here, Sean felt as though Jasmine would always leave the house early in the morning, and she would only come back home late at night, every single day!

Sean had heard Reuben saying that Jasmine used to eat breakfast at home before she left the house in the morning, and she would then try to come home early in the evening to accompany her grandfather for dinner.

However, for the past few days, Jasmine did not even have breakfast at home before she left the house. She would always head toward her car and drive out of the house as soon as she left her bedroom in the morning.

Jasmine would even have dinner outside nowadays before coming home very late at night. After that, she would go back directly into her own bedroom as soon as she came home. She basically did not give Sean a chance to meet her at all.

This made Sean feel very depressed.

He really did not expect Jasmine to somehow look down on him. Moreover, he felt as though Jasmine was very unwilling to marry him. Why?!

When they were in the car, Donald could immediately tell that his son was not in the right mood and condition. Therefore, he said, “Son, you have to have more patience no matter what you do. You might not be able to find another girl like Jasmine in the entire South Region. If you really want to win her over so you can marry her, you have to be willing to put in some energy and effort.”

Sean started to lose his temper as he said, “Dad, you know that there will not be a second young man in the whole of the South Region who would be better than me, right? Why can’t she just feel blessed and appreciate her good fortune since I am interested in her and want to marry her?”

Donald replied lightly, “You probably do not understand this, but girls from prestigious families are always more popular compared to young men from any prestigious family.”

After that, Donald continued speaking. “A woman like Jasmine would definitely be sought after, even by many of the young men from the most prestigious and powerful families in Eastcliff. All of them would be vying to marry her. This is because Jasmine is not only very beautiful and capable, but her family’s strength and power are also very admirable. She is very all-rounded and would be able to save her future husband a lot of face when they get married in the future. Jasmine would not only be able to play a very important role in the family that she marries into, but she could also bring a very generous dowry with her.”

“However, it would be extremely difficult if you want to marry a girl from the most powerful and prestigious family in Eastcliff. This is because they are not only looking and judging your individual personality and abilities, but they would also be judging the entire strength and wealth of the entire Webb family.”

“In a layman’s term, in the upper-class society, if a woman has a comprehensive strength of seventy points, she would be able to marry a man that has a comprehensive strength of eighty points. However, a man with the comprehensive strength of seventy points would hardly be able to marry a woman with the comprehensive strength of seventy points.”

Sean was a little agitated and blurted out immediately, “Do you mean to say that I am the one who will be climbing up the social ladder if I have the benefit of marrying Jasmine?”

Donald replied, “Even though you might not want to hear this, it is nothing more than the truth. Jasmine will definitely be able to find a better man than you, but it will be much more difficult for you to ever find a better woman than Jasmine.”

Sean was stunned for a moment, feeling a little unconvinced. However, after putting some thought into it, he felt that his father was right.

Out of all the women he had ever met, Jasmine was indeed the woman with the highest score.

As for the daughters of those prestigious and top families in Eastcliff, even if they would be relatively wealthier compared to the Moore family, it would be very difficult for him to find anyone with Jasmine’s appearance and temperament.

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