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Chapter 622

At this moment, the gleeful Jacob said, “Oh yes, dear, give me twenty grand. I want to have a get-together tomorrow.”

“A get-together?” Elaine asked nervously, “Why do you need twenty grand for a get-together?! Did you invite the president?”

“I joined the Aurous Calligraphy and Painting Association, I’ve told you that, remember? Now, there’s a vacancy for the executive director of the association and I want it! So, I’d like to invite the chairman and other directors to dinner to enhance our relationship.”

Then, he added with a smug look, “If I’m elected as one of the executive directors, I’ll be popular in the antique social group in the city!”

Elaine shouted angrily, “Are you crazy? Why do you need twenty grand for dinner? Do you really think we own a money printer at home? No, I don’t allow you to!”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Oh, dear, I just want to climb the ladder one step at a time! Once I become the director, I will have more opportunities to get in touch with the rare and precious antiques and there will be chances for me to grab treasures at bargain prices! You’ve seen how good I am at this, I’ve made hundreds of thousands with the same tactic!”

Elaine was feeling guilty about the money, but she pretended an enraged tone and said, “But still, you can’t spend twenty grand on a dinner banquet! Do you think our money grows on trees?”

Jacob was annoyed. “With every penny I spend, I’ll earn it back in the future! Or you just consider this as a loan, huh? Is that okay?”

Elaine condemned contemptuously, “Hah, do you think I don’t know how lousy you actually are? So what if you become a director, you still can’t earn peanuts! I think you’re becoming more and more like Charlie—you’re also turning into a big liar who deceives people all day long!”

“Argh, why do you look down on me so much?”

“Yeah, I look down on you, so what? You want money, don’t you? Look at my lips. No!”

Then, she turned and barged into her room, pretending to be angry.

Jacob was utterly confused and irritated.

What was wrong with that woman? Why couldn’t she give him the money? Part of the money was his too!

He was about to go to the room to begin another argument when Charlie stopped him and said with a smile, “Dad, if Mom doesn’t want to give you the money, you know whatever you do would be useless.”

Jacob huffed, annoyed, “But I’ve already told them that I want to invite them for a get-together! I only have a thousand plus in my pocket, it isn’t enough!”

Then, he added, “The president said that there is a great chance I’ll be appointed as the director. It all depends on my performance!”

Charlie sighed quietly.

He was fully aware of how miserable his father-in-law was in terms of verifying antiquities. He was the purest idiot of them all who had been scammed so many times and lost a lot of money. The only time he had earned money from trading antiques was from Zachary.

He heard that Zachary was avoiding Jacob at all costs, ignoring his phone calls and messages. He would even ditch his shop and escape when he bumped into Jacob in Antique Street.

Jacob was in the association with a sole purpose—to make up the number.

But of course, he wouldn’t say such things out loud. Instead, he said, “Dad, I still have some pocket money, I’ll transfer twenty grand to you right away.”

Jacob was delighted. “Oh, my dear son-in-law, you’re the best! Thank you! You’ve done me a great favor!”

Charlie sighed as he transferred the money and said, “Alright, Claire is coming back soon, I’ll start making dinner.”

Jacob smiled gleefully when he received the money and said in a coy tone, “My dear son-in-law, let me help you!”

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