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Chapter 621

Christopher was trembling with anger at Jacob’s deliberate sarcasm!

Indeed, he occasionally saw such news on virtual news portals. In fact, he admitted that he had even imagined such a scene before. He imagined that one day when he was super rich and bumped into a young and beautiful girl who told him that she didn’t want to work anymore, he would just send her an address and let her come to him…

Of course, it was nothing but a figment of his imagination. He had never had the courage nor the ability to turn it into a reality.

However, when Jacob talked about his wife like that, for some reason, a very vivid and realistic picture showed up in his mind!

In the imaginative picture, there was a young man leaning against his wife’s embrace and calling her name sweetly…

Christopher was extremely agitated, wondering how many times his wife had cheated on him. He stomped furiously and cursed, “Jacob, don’t you dare mock my wife like that! Your wife isn’t any better! You should be thankful that you are poor, otherwise, Elaine would have ten toyboys under her paycheck!”

At this moment, Jacob’s bedroom door opened wide. Elaine barged out rapidly, pointing to Christopher’s nose and cursing, “You bastard! Your wife ran away, why did you come to my house and cause a scene? How dare you insult me? Just look at yourself, you pathetic old coot!”

When Elaine finally revealed herself, Christopher asked sharply, “Elaine! Have you seen Hannah or not?!”

“I told you that I haven’t seen her! You are so irritating! I told you that Hannah eloped with her toyboy, taking all your money with her! It’s up to you if you want to believe me or not!”

“You said she cheated on me with a toyboy, do you have any proof?”

“Huh, your wife disappeared along with the money, what proof do you want? If you want the proof so badly, just go and look for it yourself! Why do you come here?”

Christopher was so angry that his heart nearly burst out of his chest. Lady Wilson said coldly, “That’s enough, let’s go home now! Stop embarrassing yourself!”

Christopher pointed to Elaine with his ghastly glare and exclaimed, “Vixen, just you wait and see! I’ll fucking come at you!”

Elaine spit on him and shouted, “Come as you please, but you’re about to go bankrupt that you can’t even afford a decent meal! You’ll starve to death sooner or later, you bastard!”

Then, Elaine slammed the door directly at them.

Christopher was extremely agitated, but he didn’t dare to confront them again for fear that Charlie would slap him again, so he could only leave with Lady Wilson in a dingy manner.

When they were at the gate, Lady Wilson warned Christopher in an utterly cold voice, “Three days—find Hannah or bring me the money. If you fail, you don’t have to come home anymore!”

Then, she huffed agitatedly and left.

Christopher was devastated.

The world was so big, searching for Hannah would be like finding a needle in the haystack!

He had no other way but to go to Hannah’s family first.

After Christopher was gone, Elaine’s depressed feeling was lifted slightly.

Jacob had no clue at all what happened today, he thought that the story about how Hannah ran away with the money was real, so he said in a gloating grin, “Haha! No man is wise all the time! I bet Chris never would have guessed that Hannah would do this to him! This is so funny! Hahahaha!”

Charlie glanced at Elaine quietly, impressed by his mother-in-law’s swift thinking. She denied seeing Hannah till the end and had even accused Hannah of eloping with a toyboy. It only took her a small effort to divert Christopher’s attention to a completely different direction.

Elaine, on the other hand, glared at Charlie bitterly and hoped that she could eat him up with her glare!

It was all because of this loser that Linda and Hannah had donated all her money. Now that she had lost all the family’s savings, she wondered how she was going to hide it from Jacob!

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