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Chapter 614

After taking the phone, Lady Wilson tried to dial Hannah’s number, but the same notification came through.

She said in confusion, “What’s wrong? Why has she switched off her phone?”

“Mom, it’s quite common for the phone to turn off automatically when the battery is dead. Besides, she’s outside and it’s inconvenient for her to charge her phone.”

Lady Wilson threw the phone to him and chided angrily, “Then keep calling until the call gets through!”

Christopher sighed. He sat on the couch and kept calling and hanging up.

It went on for half an hour but he couldn’t get through to her.

As Christopher attempted to call her again, he felt that something wasn’t going right as they had planned…

Logically speaking, the mahjong scam that Hannah and Linda had planned was not held outdoors but inside a house. Charging a phone should not be a big problem.

Moreover, he reminded her again and again to always keep in touch just so he could go and save her if anything happened.

Hence, it was impossible that she would turn off her phone without warning.

What exactly was going on?

As his mind ran wild, he sat up straight, frowned sternly, and mumbled to himself, “Something isn’t right…”

Lady Wilson threw a sideways glance at him and said, “Drop the act. Tell me, what the hell is going on!”

Suddenly, Christopher felt like he stumbled into a messy web, he started to feel uneasy and irritable. He looked at his mother and said, “Mom, please stay out of this first. I can’t contact Hannah now, let me try to call some other people to see if anyone is with her.”

Then, he searched for Linda’s number and called her.

The same system reminder sounded. Her phone was switched off too.

Next, he tried calling Hudson and Gianna, and the result was the same…

This was so weird! What the hell was going on?!

Christopher was completely confused and agitated!

He scratched his head in a panic, the bad premonition in his heart growing stronger and stronger.

Lady Wilson watched his son curiously. Slowly, she started to feel that he was not faking it, and it was then when she realized that something must have gone wrong!

She sat up straight and hurriedly asked, “Chris, what is going on? Tell me now!”

Christopher shook his head in bewilderment and mumbled, “I don’t know what’s going on…”

“Then why do you look so frustrated and unsettled? Why hasn’t Hannah been in touch yet? What are you hiding from me?”

Christopher hesitated for a moment. Then, he sighed, cleared his throat, and said, “Mom, let me be honest with you. Actually, Hannah had set up a trap for Elaine today. She hired a con woman to play mahjong with Elaine with the purpose of cheating Elaine of her money and Charlie’s villa. When the bank seizes our house, you can finally stay at the Thompson First villa that you’ve always dreamed of!”

Lady Wilson blinked in excitement and blurted in a hurry, “So, did Hannah get the villa? When can I move in?”

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