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Chapter 609

Charlie shook his head slightly and said, “Forget it, Albert. Sometimes, there are things that you must learn to accept, be it good or bad.”

Albert glared at Elaine indignantly while she crouched at the side, trembling in horror.

She didn’t dare to mention a word about the money anymore and kept the grief and bitterness in her heart.

At this moment, several cars stopped abruptly in the villa’s courtyard. Isaac got out of the car and personally escorted five adults who were tied up into the house.

Fear and terror were written all over the five people’s faces. As soon as they saw Linda after entering the door, a young man blurted, “Mom, what’s going on?!”

Linda looked at the crowd and wailed in despair when she saw her husband, children, and children-in-law being taken into the house.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault… I’m so sorry for dragging all of you into this…”

A man in his fifties hurriedly asked, “Dear, what’s going on?!”

Charlie said coldly, “Are you aware that your wife is a con woman who ruins other people’s lives?”

“I… I didn’t know…” the man mumbled sheepishly.

Charlie watched his expression and reaction closely. He smirked and said, “Are you trying to bluff me? Your wife has been active for so long, it would be so weird if you don’t know who she really is!”

Then, he glanced at the five people slowly and asked, “Which of you are Linda’s children?”

A young man and woman raised their hands timidly. They still couldn’t comprehend the situation.

Charlie sneered, “I heard that you’ve graduated from prestigious universities. Do you know where your tuition fees came from?”

They exchanged nervous glances, neither daring to speak.

Linda’s husband roughly grasped the situation. He assumed that his wife had been caught when she cheated, so he quickly said, “Sir, did you catch my wife cheating? If so, let me know how much she owes you, I’ll compensate you for the money lost. Is it okay?”

Linda wailed, “Dear, our money has been donated to the charity, all twenty million of it, including the two million I won today!”

“What? You donated it?!” Linda’s husband asked in shock, “To whom did you donate it to?”

Charlie answered in a cold tone, “To Hope Foundation!”

Then, he looked at the family of five like an eagle watching over its prey and reprimanded sternly, “You blood-sucking vampires, I wonder how many people you’ve scammed and how many families have you ruined over the years! But look at you having a comfortable and luxurious life. You can even send your children to good universities and they’ve become successful people. Do you think you can get away with this?”

Linda’s entire family looked scared and horrified.

Charlie continued, “Today, I will send all of you to the coal mine in Erith for labor work and use your blood and sweat as atonement for your sins!”

“What?!” the young folks shrieked abruptly.

A man yelled, “No! I’m not from their family, I’m just their son-in-law…”

Charlie nodded. “So? Do you seriously think you can get away with this? I heard that you are a lender of microloans, right? Tell me, how many young people have you ruined?”

“I… I…”

“From now on, if I listen to another rambling from you, you don’t have to go to the coal mine, I’ll just dig a pit and bury you. You’ll be coal after ten million years!”

Another good-looking young woman cried, “I’m just their daughter-in-law, I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Charlie asked, “I heard that your family owns an underground casino, am I right?”

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