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Chapter 607

Elaine completely forgot about her money when she was immersed by the scene of the people wailing and crying.

When the thought struck her mind, she turned to Charlie and yelled, “Hurry, ask them to return the money to me! They won more than two million dollars from me!”

Charlie asked them to donate their money to Hope Foundation for two reasons, one was to punish them and the other was to teach his mother-in-law a lesson.

You were always so greedy and dissatisfied with your current situation, weren’t you?

You were addicted to gambling, weren’t you?

You thought that you could make a fortune and be rich by playing mahjong, didn’t you?

Well, I let you lose all your money so that this experience would stick in your mind!

Charlie looked at the women on the floor and asked, already knowing what their answer would be, “Hey, about the money you won from my mother-in-law—quickly discuss how you’re going to repay her!”

They exchanged befuddled glances and cried, “We’ve donated all our money to the foundation, including her money…”

Charlie turned to Elaine and shrugged indifferently, “Sorry, Mom, they don’t have the money.”

“What?!” Elaine gaped in horror and then screamed in great dismay. She barged forward, grabbed Hannah’s hair with one hand and Linda’s hair with the other, and shook their heads violently. She even bumped their heads together like two bowling balls.

She screamed and cursed hysterically, “Argh, bitches! Give me back my money! Give it back to me!!!”

A lot of their hair was torn off their scalps from the shaking and tugging. Their painful wails echoed through the house. Hannah cried out aggrievedly, “Elaine, please let go, Elaine, please! Your money has gone mostly to Linda, I only won a little from you and I donated it all…”

Elaine let go of Hannah and grabbed Linda’s hair with both hands. Then, she released one hand to slap and scratch her face until it was covered in blood and was swelling badly.

“Linda Howard, you’d better return the money to me today or I’ll scratch your skin off your face! Argh, damn you! I’ll ruin your face!”

Linda didn’t dare to fight back although she was in great pain. She could only cry and beg, saying, “Elaine, I’m sorry. Elaine, please let me go. I really don’t have the money now, I donated all of them to the charity at your son-in-law’s order, that includes the money that I won from you. I really don’t have any money to give you…”

Elaine was out of her mind. She scratched Linda’s mouth and shouted, “I don’t care! Give me back my money! Give me back my money!”

Soon, the corner of Linda’s mouth was torn and bleeding. Her face grimaced in pain and she wailed in horror.

Elaine had gone completely crazy now. All she wanted was to get her money back which was all the money their family had. These people conned her of all her money.

Now she had only taken back her house and nothing else…

She knocked Linda to the floor, crouched over her, and slapped her non-stop.

Linda was in utter pain. She screamed and struggled violently. Suddenly, there was a sudden cracking sound from the pocket of Linda’s jacket. Elaine and Linda froze.

After a while, Elaine roared, “Bangle! My bangle! My jade bangle!”

She screamed like a lunatic as she reached out to Linda’s pocket. Abruptly, she yelped in pain and withdrew her hand. Her fingers had been cut and were bleeding.

Even so, she reached in Linda’s pocket again and retrieved a small part of the broken jade bangle out of the pocket…

Elaine sat on the floor and howled in despair as she looked at the broken bangle!

The jade bangle that was worth five million dollars!

And she had broken it!

The most valuable jadeite jewelry were bangles. A bangle with such a good quality could fetch up to four or five million on the market. However, once broken, they could only be made into rings or pendants that would only be worth around two hundred thousand…

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