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Chapter 606

“Huh?!” Hannah shrieked in a panic, “But I just donated fifteen million as you said…”

“So what?” Charlie said coldly. “You’re the mastermind behind today’s scam, do you think it’s fair for me to punish Linda alone?”

“Yeah!” Linda growled indignantly, “She’s the real culprit!”

Charlie looked at Hannah and smirked, “See, even your accomplice says that you’re the culprit. You have to go to the coal mine with your pal here and contribute to the Hope Foundation.”

Then, he pointed to the woman named Gianna and commanded, “And you too, the three of you, get ready to work at the coal mine and redeem yourself.”

Gianna cried out loud. She shook her head and hands, knocked her head on the floor to beg, and wailed, “No, please don’t! I’m innocent! Linda dragged me here to join them for mahjong, that’s all! I don’t know about their plan, I don’t know anything!”

Charlie said coldly, “Do you think I’d believe you? Shut up when I ask nicely and I’ll spare your family. If I hear a single yelp from you, you’ll end up like Linda and your whole family will go to the coal mine with you!”

Gianna shut her mouth tightly and shivered in great fear. Indeed, she didn’t mumble a word although she was terrified.

Then, Charlie said to Albert, “Albert, make a headcount of all of these bullies here, including Hudson, and send all of them to work in the coal mine. They will be given the worst accommodation and food, a monthly salary of two thousand dollars, and they’ll work all year round!”

He added in a louder and stern voice, “If these people work hard and voluntarily work overtime, give them a reasonable salary increment. On the contrary, if they are lazy and procrastinate, deduct their salary accordingly. No matter what, as long as they manage to accumulate three hundred grand to donate to the Hope Foundation, let them go.”

Two thousand a month, twenty-four thousand a year, it would take more than a decade to accumulate three hundred thousand dollars.

Even if their salary was increased to three thousand a month, thirty-six thousand a year, they still needed at least nine years to reach the three hundred thousand mark.

Charlie felt that since these people were part of the gambling racket, they had to atone for those families who were ruined by gambling and bankrupt. They also had to atone for the children who had gone through all kinds of hardships because of their parents’ gambling habits.

Sending them to work at the coal mine and make a donation with their salary was the best punishment for them.

Albert nodded and said, “Okay, Master Wade, I’ll prepare a bus right away and send them there!”

Charlie commanded, “Before you let those gangsters on the bus, break their legs so as to prevent them from trying to escape from the mine.”

“Alright, Master Wade. Don’t worry, I’ll break their leg here, then have them cuffed with iron chains all day long when they arrive at the coal mine so that they can’t run away!”

“Good.” Charlie nodded in satisfaction.

Hannah cried desperately and pleaded, “Charlie, you can’t lock me at the coal mine forever… I still have my husband and children to take care of and my mother-in-law to support…”

Charlie said flatly, “Simple, the same rule applies to you too, I’ll let you go when you save enough to make the three hundred thousand dollar donation.”

Hannah wailed loudly, “No, Charlie, you can’t do this to me! We are family!”

“Family? Why didn’t you think of this when you cheated my mother-in-law? Why didn’t you think that we are family then?”


Elaine, who had been silent throughout, shouted angrily, “Hannah Wilson, you cruel bitch, you wanted to con me and now you talk about family?”

Hannah knelt in front of her, crying and begging, “Elaine, I’m so sorry, I know I did you wrong, but I’m still your sister-in-law after all. Please forgive me!”

Elaine kicked her aside and growled, “You conned me. You let me lose two million dollars, then you aimed your target at my house, then my villa. You were trying to drive us to a dead-end! You are a cruel and greedy bitch!”

Then, something crossed Elaine’s mind suddenly. She slapped her thigh and screamed, “Damn, my money!”

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