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Chapter 599

After Hudson got four of his fingers broken continuously, he was in so much pain that he felt he was about to pass out.

However, he was overjoyed when he saw that his men had already swung their machetes at Charlie!

He dared to break his fingers? He would ask his brothers to chop off all of Charlie’s fingers then!

Charlie did not care about these punks at all.

As they were about to slash Charlie, an angry voice sounded from the door. “Damn it! Stop whatever you are doing now! If anyone dares to lay a finger on Mr. Wade, I will hack you to death on the spot!”

The dozen punks looked up and they were so frightened that they almost peed in their pants!

Don Albert!

It turned out to be Don Albert, the mobster boss of Aurous Hill!

Why was he here?

At this time, Albert brought some of his most powerful subordinates here with him today. Moreover, these subordinates of his were all armed with guns and they were no ordinary gangsters.

After the men armed with guns stepped into the villa, they pointed their guns at the gang of people who were armed with machetes. The group of men quickly dropped their machetes on the ground immediately.

One of the younger men was terrified and he quickly knelt on the ground with a thud as he cried out loud and said, “Don Albert, please spare my life!”

After he knelt down, everyone else also knelt down immediately.

They were nothing more than a bunch of lowly gangsters. Therefore, it was only natural for them to be frightened to death in front of Don Albert.

Hudson was also shocked at this time.

What was happening?

Why was Don Albert here?

At this time, Albert hurriedly walked towards Charlie and said, “Mr. Wade, I’m sorry for being late!”

Charlie waved his hand before he said, “Ask your men to lock these guys up in the room first.”

Albert nodded before he immediately instructed his men to lock all of those gangsters up in the next room.

After that, Charlie looked at Hudson who had already turned pale before he said, “So, I’ve already said that I’ll give you twelve rings today, but I’ve only given you four rings. So, let’s continue!”

After that, Charlie proceeded to break Hudson’s right pinky…


Hudson could not help but yell out in pain.

At this time, Albert who was standing aside quickly said, “Mr. Wade, you don’t have to waste your precious time on someone as meaningless as this. You can just leave him to me. I’ll bring him to my dog farm and let all of my Tibetan Mastiffs tear him apart!”

Hudson was very shocked and he blurted out immediately, “Don Albert! Don Albert! This is all a misunderstanding! Brother Wayne is my big boss! I am one of his men!”

“Wayne?” Albert frowned immediately. “You’re one of Wayne’s men?”

Hudson nodded repeatedly as he cried and said, “Brother Wayne is my big boss. So, that also means that I’m one of your followers, Don Albert!”

Albert stared at the young man before he asked, “Then, do you know whose disciple I am?”

Hudson quickly replied, “Don Albert, you are the mobster boss of Aurous Hill. Of course, you’re no one’s disciple…”

Albert gave him a tight slap across his face before he pointed at Charlie and said, “I am Mr. Wade’s disciple!”


He was Charlie’s disciple. He did not even call himself his younger brother!

For instance, there is the head of a sect. After that, there are dozens of masters under the head, hundreds of leaders under the masters, tens of thousands of younger brothers below the leaders, and lastly there were disciples of these younger brothers!

The famous and reputable Don Albert actually said that he was this young man’s disciple. This meant that he was being extremely humble and respectful in front of this young man!

Hudson was trembling in fright when he heard Don Albert’s words.

What was going on here?

His second aunt had asked him to scheme against an old lady so that he could force the old lady’s son-in-law to hand his villa over to them. He really did not expect the other party to be Don Albert’s boss!

Linda was also so frightened that she felt her legs going weak immediately. She stared at Hannah with a pale look on her face as she asked in a low voice, “Who is this that you’ve just offended? Are you trying to get me killed?”

Hannah was also very confused at this time.

She knew that Charlie was always fooling and cheating people with Feng Shui but she really did not expect him to be so powerful!

Elaine was also dumbfounded at this time. Her dear son-in-law was really too amazing! He was not only close to many wealthy and powerful people, but he was also so capable on his own? Charlie was indeed very amazing…

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