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Chapter 597

As soon as the other party heard his words, he immediately said, “Villa C11 at Thompson First. You’d better bring your house deed along with you. If you dare to call the police, I’ll kill your mother-in-law right away!”

Charlie replied immediately, “Okay, I’ll bring it over there right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie went back into the private room before he told Jacob, “Dad, I have to go out and get something done. You can continue having fun here with your friends. Just let the waitress know if you need anything. Everything will be charged to Albert’s account.”

“Okay.” Jacob nodded before he patted Charlie on his shoulder as he said, “My dear son-in-law, thank you so much for what you have done for me today. If it weren’t for you, I would have felt so ashamed and lost so much face today.”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Dad, I’ve only found out today that it hasn’t been easy for you all these years. As your son-in-law, it is only natural for me to help you get some face and respect!”

Jacob felt very touched and he simply sighed as he nodded repeatedly.

Charlie did not say anything else and he simply stood up before he walked out of the room.

He did not go home to pick up his house deed but instead, he simply stopped a cab before he headed straight to the villa at Thompson First.

On the way there, he called Albert immediately.

As soon as the call was connected, Albert said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what can I do for you?”

Charlie replied, “I want to bring your men over to Thompson First now. My mother-in-law has lost more than sixty million dollars in a mahjong game. Some people are holding her hostage now. I think that something isn’t right with this situation. I want you to come over with me to see what’s going on there.”

Albert was very furious when he heard Charlie’s words.

Damn it! Someone actually had the guts to set up a trap to trick Charlie’s mother-in-law in Aurous Hill?

This person was simply seeking his own death!

Albert immediately replied, “Mr. Wade, I will bring my men over there to hack that bastard to death right now!”

Very soon, Charlie arrived at the villa at Thompson First where his mother-in-law was being held hostage.

Charlie knocked on the front door and as soon as he entered the villa, he saw about a dozen gangsters surrounding his disheveled mother-in-law in the living room. His mother-in-law’s face was red and swollen because she had been severely beaten up and she looked very pitiful and miserable at this time.
Charlie also noticed that there were two other middle-aged women that he did not know there in the villa. When Charlie looked around the villa, he saw that even Hannah was here.

Charlie was slightly taken aback. Why was this woman here?

Hannah had a guilty conscience when she saw Charlie but she calmed herself down immediately.

She felt that it was not her fault that Elaine lost money to Linda. After all, Elaine did not lose money to her anyway. She was just here to enjoy the show, so what could Charlie possibly do to her?

As soon as Elaine saw Charlie walking into the living room, she burst into tears as she wailed, “Charlie, my dear son-in-law. What took you so long? I was waiting so anxiously for you!”

Charlie looked at his mother-in-law before he asked, “Mom, how can you lose more than sixty million dollars by playing mahjong?”

“I don’t know why I was so unlucky!”

Elaine cried as she explained, “Your aunt had asked me to come and play mahjong with her friends. I thought that I would just join them for a few games just for fun. Who would have known that I would lose more and more money to them after a few games? After that, they even forced me to mortgage your villa at Thompson First to them. I had no other choice…”

At this time, Elaine had a furious expression on her face as she said, “I suspect that these people are deliberately ganging up to cheat me of my money!”

Charlie sneered before he said, “You don’t have to suspect anything. They’re obviously out to cheat you.”

Linda could not help but yell out loud at this time, “Hey! Don’t run your mouth talking nonsense here! Everyone was a willing and voluntary participant in this mahjong game. Who can you blame if your mother-in-law has bad luck?”

At this time, Hudson quickly said, “Second Aunt, why are you wasting your breath on him? I’ll talk to him!”

After that, Hudson glared at Charlie before he said, “Hurry up and hand your house deed over to me! I also want you to write me a voluntary transfer statement! Otherwise, you and your mother-in-law will not be leaving this villa today!”


Charlie nodded faintly before he said, “I did not bring my house deed with me.”

Elaine became anxious and she started to lose her cool when she heard his words!

The expression on her face changed and she was filled with anger. She quickly said, “Charlie! Are you trying to kill me? Didn’t I tell you to bring your house deed here with you to save me? Don’t you have ears at all?”

Charlie replied lightly, “Sorry, Mom. I’ve already promised Claire that I’ll move into the villa with her next month when the renovation is completed. I can’t break my promise to Claire.”

Elaine cursed, “So, you’d rather keep your promise to Claire than save my life? I will die here today if you refuse to hand the villa over to them!”

Charlie replied, “You won’t die so easily with me around.”

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