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Chapter 596

Elaine blurted out immediately, “Charlie, Mom does not want your money.”


Charlie was very surprised at this time. What the hell? She did not want his money? When did his mother-in-law become so humane?

Charlie was very surprised but he almost vomited blood out of anger when he heard Elaine’s next sentence.

At this time, Elaine said, “Charlie, just bring the house deed for the villa that Zeke White has given you over here!”

“What?” Charlie blurted out immediately. “Mom, do you know how much that villa is worth? It’s worth one hundred and thirty million dollars! Don’t tell me that you can lose more than one hundred million dollars by playing mahjong with some old ladies in the mahjong hall!”

Elaine choked and she said, “No, I did not lose one hundred million dollars. I lost more than sixty million dollars in total and I owe her another fifty-five million dollars…”

After that, Elaine blurted out, “My dear son-in-law, you must bring the house deed for the villa here to save me. If you don’t save me, I’ll really be dead this time!”

Charlie blurted out, “Mom! This villa is worth one hundred and thirty million dollars. You’re actually exchanging it for fifty-five million dollars?”

Elaine felt very anxious and she said, “My dear son-in-law, please find a way to bring fifty-five million dollars here then. If you can’t find a way to raise fifty-five million dollars, then please just bring the house deed over here with you. Otherwise, Mom is really going to die. When that time comes, you can only come here with Claire to collect my dead body!”

Immediately afterwards, another man’s voice sounded over the other end of the line: “You are Elaine’s son-in-law, aren’t you? You’d better hurry up and come over here with the house deed immediately. Otherwise, your mother-in-law will not leave this villa alive today!”

Charlie frowned before he asked, “Who are you?”

The other party yelled immediately, “You aren’t qualified to know who I am! You only need to know that your mother-in-law owes me fifty-five million dollars. If you refuse to pay up, then you can be prepared to collect her dead body!”

After that, the other party continued speaking, “Oh, by the way, your mother-in-law took off all of her clothes for me to take a high definition video of her just now. If you refuse to pay up, I will spread this video across the Internet and city even after her death!”

Charlie was very enraged when he heard those words.

He did not care if anyone hit Elaine, scolded Elaine, forced himself on Elaine, or even killed Elaine. In fact, he might even thank them for it.

However, he found it unbearable that someone had taken this kind of video of her and threatened to circulate it on the Internet and all around the city.

This was because Charlie was afraid that his wife, Claire, would be very upset if she ever saw the video!

She was a very kindhearted person and she was even willing to use all of her savings to help him to save Mrs. Lewis from the orphanage. She had even shed tears because of her!

Claire had even withstood countless ridicule and pressure from the whole family as she begged Lady Wilson for help during Lady Wilson’s birthday banquet.

It would definitely be a fatal blow to Claire if she were to find out that her mother, Elaine, was not only killed, but that there was also this kind of video of her circulating everywhere even after her death. She would be immersed in great pain for the rest of her life!

Charlie did not really care about Elaine’s life or death, but he really cared about Claire!

All these years, Claire had always respected him and took care of him. She had never once despised him or looked down on him even when everyone in the world looked down on him.

Claire would even help him and encourage him whenever he was feeling down. How could he possibly repay her kindness? How could he bear to see her in pain?

As he thought about this, Charlie immediately said, “Please don’t hurt my mother-in-law. You just want the villa, right? I will just give it to you then. Give me your address and I will go there with the house deed for the villa now!”

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