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Chapter 588

This set of tiles was another Heavenly Hand. She could win with two North Winds and a red tile.

Most importantly, if she could get a North Wind tile, she would be able to get East, South, West, and North Wind. She would be able to win a big four!

Winning with a big four was one of the biggest multipliers!

If she could touch a North Wind, she would be able to win her two million dollars back!

As she thought about it, Elaine really wanted to yell in excitement as she wanted to get a North Wind tile.

She felt that the North Wind tile or the red tile would usually be of little use to anyone. Therefore, an average person would usually discard these tiles when they have it. So, even if she could not draw the tile on her own, someone would definitely discard one of these tiles.

Little did she know, these tiles that she had were already a dead-end!

The North Wind and the red tile that she needed were already in Gianna’s hand. That was to say, like her previous Heavenly Hand, the set in her tiles was already a dead-end, and she would never be able to win this game at all.

Elaine kept waiting for the North Wind and the red tile, but it did not appear even after so many rounds. After waiting for a few more rounds, Linda drew a tile before she turned it over and said with a smile on her face, “Oh! It seems as though I have a draw again! This time, I have another Concealed Hand! I win by a multiplier of forty-eight times!”

Gianna saw that she touched the last six tiles and she hurriedly said, “Oh, Sister Linda! You won by the last six tile! I have three of them in my hand. That means that you’ve won the Last Tile Claim!”

“Oh! It really is the Last Tile Claim!”

Linda clapped her hands excitedly as she said, “Then, add another eight times. Therefore, it is a multiplier of fifty-six times which adds up to five hundred and sixty thousand dollars!”

Elaine could not help but feel dizzy at this time!

She only had a little more than two hundred thousand dollars left in her bank account. How could she possibly afford to pay another five hundred and sixty thousand dollars to Linda now?

Elaine could not help but pull Hannah aside at this time as she asked in a low voice, “Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth, I do not have so much money anymore. Can you lend me some money?”

Hannah secretly cursed in her heart because she felt that Elaine deserved it. However, she pretended to be in a difficult spot as she said, “Sister-in-law, I don’t have that much money either. You should also know about the situation the Wilson family is in…”

Elaine hurriedly asked, “But weren’t you and brother-in-law looking to buy a villa not too long ago? Even an old villa would already cost more than ten million dollars! Couldn’t you lend me a few hundred thousand dollars today?”

Hannah sighed before she said, “That money has all been taken away by that old lady to fill up the holes in the Wilson Group!”

Elaine said anxiously, “Then, what should I do now? I do not have enough money to pay for the losses now. I can’t continue to play, so what should I do to turn things around now?”

At this time, Linda suddenly asked, “Sister Elaine, are you already broke? Do you have enough money to settle the account? If you are not going to play anymore, please settle the account first.”

Elaine was very anxious at this time. After that, she smiled before she said, “Why wouldn’t I have any more money? I simply did not bring enough money out with me. Can I owe you this small sum of money first? I will settle the account with you after we are done playing these last eight rounds of mahjong.”

She felt that she had to find a way to win her money back today. If she did not continue playing with them, she would lose more than two million dollars today!

She originally thought that it would be very easy for her to talk to Linda and convince her to agree to her request since Linda was so rich and often lost millions of dollars during every mahjong game. Elaine felt that Linda did not care too much about money anyway.

Unexpectedly, Linda suddenly had a very cold expression on her face as she said in a sharp voice, “Sister Elaine, you cannot do this! Every mahjong game should be settled after every win or loss! How can you be owing anyone money? When I lost the game to you, I paid and settled my account immediately, so why are you trying to delay settling the account now that you’ve lost?”

Linda continued speaking, “Besides, how can you still expect to continue playing with us when you don’t even have enough money to settle your account now? It would not be that bad if you won the game, but what will we do if you continue losing and refuse to pay us?”

Elaine’s face was flushed red, and she did not know what to say.

When Linda saw the expression on Elaine’s face, she said contemptuously, “The only reason why I was willing to invite you over to play mahjong today is because Hannah told me that you are pretty good at playing mahjong. If you are not willing to fork out the money to continue playing, please settle the account with me first. Give me the five hundred and sixty thousand dollars that I won and we will stop playing today!”

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