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Chapter 586

”I win!” Linda yelled excitedly as she pushed all of her tiles down suddenly! “I have fifty-eight thousand, all in one suit, a Concealed Hand, and a Concealed Kong! This is a multiplier of forty-eight, and that means I win four hundred and eighty thousand dollars! Sorry, Sister Elaine!”

Elaine felt as though she had just fallen into an ice cellar!

Four hundred and eighty thousand dollars just because she discarded one tile?

She had just won three hundred thousand dollars after such a long time, and she was already giving up all of her winnings just like that. She even had to top up another one hundred over thousand dollars to make up for the losses…

That was more than a hundred thousand dollars!

Elaine felt very uncomfortable, and she felt as though she was breaking apart mentally.

Hannah hurriedly persuaded her, “Oh! Elaine, it cannot be possible for you to win every game anyway! You have already won so many games. It does not matter if you lose one game. You will get back all of your losses almost right away!”

Linda also smiled as she said, “Yes, it is just one round anyway. We are going to play many more rounds today!”

Elaine felt a little more comforted and assured at this time. However, she was suffocating in her heart, and she really wanted to win back all the money that she had lost!

After using her internet banking to transfer four hundred and eighty thousand dollars to Linda, they continued with their next game.

However, Elaine got very bad tiles for her next game.

She was in shock when she turned her tiles over! How could she possibly have such a bad hand?!

She was either missing a tile or having a broken combination. She did not even have a pair at all!

If she had tiles like this, she would need to draw at least seven or eight tiles for her to win…

She was on the verge of collapse!

How could she possibly turn this around?

Elaine felt that she would not even be able to win even after everyone had already made up two sets of tiles!

Moreover, it seemed as though the other three people on the table had very good hands as they were all very happy and excited at this point.

Hannah was the first to draw her tile.

After that, it was followed by Linda and Gianna.

As soon as she saw them drawing their tiles, Elaine could feel her heart beating frantically.

When she saw that her tiles were getting more and more hopeless, Elaine started to feel even more anxious and worried.

At this time, she reached out her hand and touched a ‘Yaoji’ tile. She felt that there was an eighty percent probability that she would be safe if she discarded this tile. Therefore, she threw the tile out before she yelled, “Yaoji! I don’t think any of you would want this card, right?”

Gianna, who was seated next to Elaine, yelled excitedly, “Hahaha! This is crazy! I won!”

Hannah also replied in an embarrassed manner, “Oh my God! I won too. I have a Dragon Tiles Suit!”

Linda smiled as she said, “Hey! I won too! I got the Thirteen Orphans!”

Elaine looked at the tiles displayed by the other three players, and she was utterly shocked when she realized that all of them had won because she had discarded her ‘Yaoji’ tile!

With just one single tile!

This was terrible.

Elaine had already lost one hundred and eighty times because of this game, and this amounted to one million and eight hundred thousand dollars!

Elaine felt as though her head was already spinning at this time.

What was happening?! She had suddenly lost two games in a row, and she already lost more than two million dollars simply because of these two games! This was simply too cruel!

Besides, Elaine did not have much money left. Her entire savings amounted to more than two million dollars, but after deducting all her losses today, she would be left with two to three hundred thousand dollars…

Elaine really wanted to cry, but Gianna was already urging her at this time, “Sister Elaine, why don’t we settle the account first? After that, we can move on to the next game.”

When she heard Gianna asking her to settle the account with them, the expression on Elaine’s face changed immediately. This was one million and eight hundred dollars! How could she possibly be willing to give it to them?

The other three women exchanged glances with one another. At this time, Hannah started to persuade Elaine again, “Elaine, it does not matter if you lose two games. If you are lucky, you will definitely be able to win two more games later. If you stop playing now, you will not be able to get back what you lost!”

After that, she continued speaking, “The last time we played, Gianna also lost two to three million dollars. However, she won two million dollars with a big four and won, followed by another two million dollars because of a big three. She won back a lot of money that night!”

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