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Chapter 585

After reaching a consensus, all of them began to draw their tiles again.

After Elaine finished drawing her tiles, she flipped her tiles around and almost screamed out in excitement as soon as she straightened her tiles!

Her tiles were perfect!

The so-called ‘Heavenly Hand’ meant that they could win as soon as they drew their tiles!

She had to have so much good luck to be able to draw such good tiles!

Besides that, the tiles that she drew were really very good. She had a pair of seven to eighty thousand, and this would mean that she would be able to win with a sixty or ninety thousand.

Generally speaking, as long as the ten thousand and ninety thousand were in someone else’s hands, she would not be able to win. That meant that from this moment onward, as long as someone discarded ninety thousand dollars, Elaine would win the game immediately!

Under this kind of circumstances, she would be able to win at the highest multiplier!

As she thought about this, Elaine excitedly arranged her tiles as she said, “I have a draw!”

Linda asked in surprise, “Elaine that is amazing. You have a draw with the cards that you just drew?”

“Yes!” Elaine said with a huge smile on her face. “I really don’t know what is going on, but I am truly very lucky today!”

Linda nodded before she said, “It seems as though you are destined to win today.”

After they were done speaking, Linda, who was seated at the banker’s seat, straightened her tiles before she said, “Concealed Kong!”

Elaine exclaimed in surprise, “Oh! Sister Linda, you have a Concealed Kong as soon as you straighten your tiles. That is really amazing!”

Linda smiled before she said, “My other tiles are not that good!”

Elaine reminded her at this time, “By the way, Sister Linda, if you draw another tile, you will have to reveal your concealed tiles.”

“Of course!” Linda nodded before she smiled, “Don’t worry. I will definitely show you my tiles as soon as I draw it.”

Since Elaine had already called for a draw, she could not change her hand anymore. Therefore, she could only continue drawing and playing until someone discarded or if she drew a winning tile herself.

However, Elaine did not know that the ninety thousand tile was actually hidden under Linda’s Concealed Kong!

Moreover, Hannah and Gianna both had two of the forty and sixty thousand tiles.

As Elaine was anxiously drawing and playing her cards, Linda suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, I also have a draw now!”

After she was done speaking, Linda turned her tiles around to reveal the four hidden tiles for her Concealed Kong.

Elaine suddenly felt dizzy when she saw those four tiles.

What bad luck!

Linda was actually concealing the ninety thousand tile! It was no wonder why she could not get the ninety thousand tile even after drawing so many times. Moreover, none of them were discarding any ninety thousand tiles at all.

As she was feeling slightly depressed, Elaine could not help but think that even if the ninety thousand tile was gone, the sixty thousand tile was not out yet. This meant that she still had a chance to win!

She really wanted to give Hannah a secret signal to ask for a sixty thousand tile.

However, when she thought about it carefully, the best way to win at mahjong would be to draw her own tile so that everyone at the table would have to pay her three to one. If Hannah gave the sixty thousand tile to her, she would not be able to win money from Hannah. Elaine felt that it would be a waste since she had such a good hand.

Therefore, she decided to rely on her own ability or to wait for someone else to discard a tile instead of relying on Hannah.

If Hannah discarded the sixty thousand tile herself, she would be overjoyed because Hannah would have to pay her then!

When it was Elaine’s turn to draw a tile, she felt very excited when she started to touch her tile. She was about to exclaim in excitement, but she was very disappointed when she turned the tile around.

It turned out to be eighty thousand.

Bad luck!

If it was just a little smaller, if only if it was a sixty thousand tile, she would have already won!

In that case, three of them would have to pay her six hundred and forty thousand dollars each, and that would amount to almost two million dollars!

However, Elaine comforted herself by thinking since the eighty thousand tile was here, it would only be a matter of time when the sixty thousand tile came out.

Therefore, she casually discarded the eighty thousand tile as she said, “Eighty thousand!”

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