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Chapter 580

Charlie was the only one with the All-Access Supreme VIP membership card in the entire Glorious Club. Moreover, he had access to every floor in the club, including the exclusive fifteenth floor and all of his expenses would be free of charge!

However, Charlie did not want Jacob to know that he had this membership card.

Otherwise, with his temper and personality, Jacob would surely haunt him and force Charlie to bring him here every day. He might even find a way to take over his membership card for himself so that he could have the bragging rights to bring his friends here.

Therefore, it was better for Charlie to keep this matter from Jacob.

Albert immediately understood what Charlie meant, and he quickly took out his VIP membership card before handing it to the waitress and saying, “Prepare a large private room for me on the tenth floor. Charge all of their expenses to my account.”

The waitress respectfully accepted Albert’s membership card before smiling and saying, “The 1008 room on the tenth floor has already been opened for you. You can go up to the tenth floor anytime you want. The room is very large and spacious, and it can accommodate up to thirty people.”

Albert nodded before he spoke to Charlie respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you can go up to the tenth floor with these uncles now.”

At this time, Charlie quickly informed the group of old men, “Uncles, my friend has already booked private room 1008 on the tenth floor for us. He will be covering all of our expenses today. Please follow the waitress as she leads you to the room now.”

Everyone truly did not expect that there would still be a second round, and they all cheered in excitement.

Many of them initially thought that they would only be able to reach the seventh floor of the Glorious Club, but who would have expected that they would be able to go to the tenth floor?

Jacob was also very happy and satisfied. He quickly smiled as he said, “My son-in-law is the most capable, unlike Jake who can only brag and talk about it!”

Everyone could not help but agree as they praised and complemented Charlie. “Oh, Charlie, you are truly a very amazing boy! Jacob is so blessed to have a son-in-law like you!”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Uncles, you all think too highly of me. I do not have any outstanding abilities or talents. I am just lucky that I know a few friends. Please, hurry up and head to the tenth floor to have fun!”

At this time, Jacob asked, “Charlie, are you not coming up with us?”

Charlie said, “I would like to chat with Albert for a little while before I go up. Dad, you should go up with your friends first.”

“Okay.” Jacob nodded before he thanked Albert and headed upstairs with his old classmates.

After everyone had left, Charlie asked Albert, “So, how did you deal with Ichiro’s matter previously?”

Albert hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. I found the best computer graphics expert who is very good at special effects to edit the video for me. I also hired a prop artist from the Film Academy to make a fake video of Ichiro’s death before I sent it to Jiro. I think he is completely assured and convinced that Ichiro is dead now.”

“Okay.” Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Make sure you take good care of Ichiro. I will send him back to Japan later on to fight for the inheritance and property from his brother. However, I will make sure that he signs an agreement with me in advance so that eighty percent of his property will belong to me.”

Albert nodded repeatedly before he said, “Okay, Mr. Wade. I know what I have to do. I will talk to him as soon as I get back.”

Charlie nodded as he said, “You did a good job. You can go back first. I will go upstairs and accompany my father-in-law and his friends for a short while.”

“Okay.” Albert bowed respectfully before he said, “Mr. Wade, I will leave first. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need me to do anything.”

At this time, Charlie was waiting for the elevator to go to the tenth floor. When the elevator arrived at the ground floor, Charlie did not expect that Jasmine, who was beautifully dressed and all dolled up, would walk out of the elevator.

Jasmine was dressed up very attractively today and her face, which was originally beautiful and flawless, seemed even more delicate and charming.

She was wearing a black one-piece Chanel dress which perfectly embraced her slender and perfect figure, and her fair and tender legs also stood out in this dress.

Her long black hair was coiled up in a bun, and she looked very mature and perfect.

What surprised Charlie even more was that Jasmine exuded a very charming and refreshing scent today. Her fragrance penetrated straight into his nostrils, making him feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Charlie was very surprised to see the beautiful and amazing Jasmine, and Jasmine was even more delighted to see Charlie!

She had just been thinking about Charlie, but she did not expect to see Charlie as soon as the elevator door opened!

Jasmine could not suppress her happiness and excitement at all! She looked like a young girl who had just met her first love as she asked softly, “Mr. Wade, why are you here? Why didn’t you let me know that you are going to be here so that I could come and entertain you personally?”

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