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Chapter 571

Soon, everyone hopped into multiple cars and went to the Glorious Club.

Mr. Lee was hesitant to go, but since it was rare for them to get together and his students had invited him to join them enthusiastically, he agreed.

Charlie and Jacob hopped into a taxi together. Jacob whined angrily, “That Aaron Philips is too much! Why can’t he just leave me alone? Argh, damn, I’m pissed!”

Charlie chuckled at his whining and said, “Dad, if you’re so upset, let’s just go home then.”

“No!” Jacob muttered, “I haven’t been to the clubhouse, I want to go and see!”

Charlie shrugged and nodded.

When they arrived at the clubhouse, everyone gathered in the lobby. They were mesmerized and amazed at the luxurious decorations of the clubhouse.

The extremely expensive and sophisticated interior design of the clubhouse had exceeded these elderly people’s imagination and their memories about a recreation center.

Jacob was equally amazed. He pointed his phone around the lobby and took multiple pictures, even uploading them on his social media to show off.

Jake proudly explained, “Uncles, the clubhouse has 15 floors. The higher the floor, the higher the qualification requirements for membership. The floors are divided according to the membership tier, you can’t simply go to the upper floor if your membership doesn’t have the authorization. The minimum spending limit on the first floor, the lowest and most basic level, is about a hundred thousand dollars. Ordinary people simply can’t afford it.”

Loud gapes resonated across the group.

One hundred thousand was their minimum spending limit?! An average family of three couldn’t even make so much money in a year!

Indeed, not everyone could afford such a service.

Under the gazes of admirations and appreciation, Jake took out his membership card and flaunted it around.

The card was silver in color, it was very beautifully crafted and shone brightly. He handed the card to the front desk while saying, “I’m just a silver card member, but it is ranked second in the tier. Below me is the classic membership. As a silver card member, I can go to the seventh floor and below. This time, I’ll take you all directly to the seventh floor.”

Then, he added, “The minimum spending limit for the seventh floor is three hundred thousand, very exclusive!”

Aaron turned to Jacob and said arrogantly, “Hey, Jacob, I bet you have never been to such a high-end place, huh? You should thank me. It’s your honor that my son-in-law gets to bring all of us into this place, and also a chance to expose yourself to the lifestyle of the upper-class society.”

Jacob’s face turned gloomy. “How would you know that I’ve never been to such a place? Let me tell you, I’ve been to such places, I’ve experienced great things, okay!”

Aaron mocked indiscreetly, “Hahaha! What kind of great things have you experienced? Have you been to the Glorious Club? Have you ever spent a penny here?”

Jacob fell into an awkward silence.

He wouldn’t be able to afford such expenses even when the Wilson family was at its prime, not to mention the fact that his family was going to go bankrupt soon…

Jacob sighed dejectedly and shut his mouth.

At this moment, Jake walked to the front desk and handed the card over to the receptionist. “Prepare a suite on the seventh floor for us, put all the expenses on this card.”

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