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Chapter 559

A flash of light sparked through Elaine’s eyes!

She had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to find an easy mark after Summer left the country, so she was thankful that Hannah had found one for her!

Besides, she assumed that the easy mark was richer than Summer because she could only win several thousand from Summer, but this lady lost ten times the money in a day!

She loved playing mahjong with people who had deep pockets but poor skills. She could make a mini fortune from the game!

If she joined forces with Hannah and agreed on some secret codes, they could win for sure!

With this thought in mind, she was overjoyed and excited!

Money meant everything to her to the point she would definitely replace her parents with money!

She was on the edge of her seat when she heard Hannah’s proposal!

Seeing the excitement in Elaine’s eyes, Hannah hurriedly said in a low voice, “Let’s rehearse our little secret codes first. While we are at the table, we’ll look at each other’s gestures. We touch our nose when we want dots; we point our fingers when we want bamboo; we purse our lips when we want characters. We can work together and win big!”

Elaine immediately agreed happily and said, “Okay, then. Let’s play with your friends and see!”

Hannah pasted a wide smile and said, “Deal! She is very rich though. She lives in a Thompson First villa. When can we go?”

“Let’s go right now! Take a ride in my BMW!”

When they got in the car, Hannah couldn’t help but smirk coldly as she looked at Elaine’s eager expression.

In order to create a trap for Elaine, she had hired two con women and spent a bit lavishly to rent the Thompson First villa. Her goal was simple. She wanted to win all of Elaine’s money and property, leaving her with nothing!

Of course, Elaine didn’t know that she was walking right into the trap. She was in the midst of the excitement to bully the so-called easy mark.

While Elaine and Hannah were on their way to Thompson First, Charlie and Jacob arrived at Jacob’s alma mater, Bell Height University.

Charlie was a little surprised as he looked at the majestic gate tower carved in white marble at the entrance and the arch with the name of the school written on it—National Bell Height University.

He never imagined that his father-in-law, who always looked so useless and inept, graduated from an ivy league!

In fact, during his era, a university student was scarce compared to now, let alone one from a famous university…

Jacob sighed at Charlie’s surprised gaze and asked, “Why? You don’t think that I look like someone who has gone to college, do you?”

Charlie nodded blankly. “Dad, you honestly don’t look like you’ve graduated college…”

Jacob sighed again, but this time, there was a proud light on his face. “Back then, I was quite popular in school, and my academic tracks were excellent. I would have furthered my studies up north, but I didn’t want to be too far away from home.”

Charlie chuckled and asked curiously, “What happened later? Why did you become a househusband after graduating from a prestigious university?”

Charlie looked at Jacob and felt that it was rather interesting that he, a dignified university graduate and the second son of a wealthy family, had eventually turned into a useless man who was scolded by his wife every day.

Jacob choked for a bit and mumbled bashfully, “Later… Sigh, I don’t want to talk about it, it’s nothing but bitter tears…”

In the middle of their conversation, a man about the same age as Jacob walked out from behind the gate and rushed toward them when he saw them.

“Hey, Jacob, long time no see! Wow, look at you, so smart and charming…”

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