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Chapter 546

”It’s okay.” Lord Moore replied indifferently. “I can also hand the invitation card to Dr. Simmons so that I can invite him to come and attend my eightieth birthday banquet.”

Then, he pointed at the entrance of the Serene World Clinic before he said, “Come, bring me into the clinic now.”

At this time, Xyla happened to be busy in the outer hall of the Serene World Clinic. When she saw Lord Moore coming into the clinic, she hurriedly rushed forward as she said respectfully, “Lord Moore, why are you here today? Are you feeling any physical discomfort?”

Lord Moore coughed slightly before he smiled and said, “When a person gets older, their body and health is not as good as it used to be. Recently, the weather has gotten a little colder, and I think I am down with a cold. I came here to ask your grandfather to prescribe some medicine for me.”

Xyla hurriedly replied, “Please come in immediately. I will go inside and ask my grandpa to come out!”

After that, Xyla invited Lord Moore into the clinic. After sitting Lord Moore down, she ran inside before asking Anthony to come out.

As soon as he heard that Lord Moore was here, Anthony hurriedly put down everything he was doing and rushed out to receive him.

Anthony had always regarded Charlie as his greatest benefactor, but he was also very grateful toward Lord Moore. After all, the only reason why he had gotten to know Charlie was because Lord Moore had been so critically ill. That was the reason why Anthony had accepted Reuben’s invitation to come to Aurous Hill to see him.

If it weren’t because of that incident, Anthony would never have had the opportunity to meet Charlie.

Therefore, Anthony had always felt very grateful toward Lord Moore from the bottom of his heart.

When Lord Moore saw Anthony who had just walked out from the back of the clinic, he was so shocked that he was completely at a loss for words!

He could not understand how Anthony had suddenly become so young again!

The last time they had met, Anthony was clearly a regular old man who practiced medicine and had a greying beard and hair. However, most of his grey hair was now black and shiny, and it seemed as though there were much fewer fine lines and wrinkles on his face. Anthony’s shriveled body also looked much healthier, and he had a very ruddy complexion and seemed to be full of energy.

Anthony was supposed to be in his seventies, but because of his good health and complexion, he looked as though he was only in his sixties!

To Lord Moore, this was simply the same as turning back time!

He really could not understand how Anthony could become so much younger all of a sudden!

Lord Moore could not help comparing himself to Anthony. He was eighty years old this year and was only a few years older than Anthony. However, he looked much older because he had been critically ill and had been vomiting and sick for a long time.

However, when Lord Moore compared himself to Anthony, he felt that they were almost a generation apart even though Anthony was less than ten years younger than him!

Lord Moore, who was in shock, could not sit still anymore. He stood up as he trembled and asked in shock, “Brother Simmons, hasn’t it only been a few days since I last met you? Why do you look so different now? I feel that you look so much younger now. You look like you are more than twenty years younger than me now! Did you discover an extraordinary way to regain your youth and health?!”

Anthony hurriedly arched his hands before he said, “Brother Moore, the reason why there is a sudden change in me is because I recently encountered a very good opportunity.”

Lord Moore was very envious when he heard Anthony’s words. If he could, he wanted to encounter the same opportunity as Anthony did.

He was more than willing to do so even if it would cost him all of his wealth!

Therefore, Lord Moore asked Oscar to retreat temporarily. When Lord Moore was left alone with Anthony, he cautiously asked, “Brother Simmons, I wonder if it would be convenient for you to reveal where your opportunity came from?”

Anthony lowered his head as he said apologetically, Brother Moore, please forgive me but I cannot reveal the source of my opportunity. I have already made a promise, and I have to keep my word!”

As soon as Lord Moore heard Anthony’s words, his eyes flickered and he blurted out immediately, “Was the opportunity you are talking about given to you by Mr. Wade?”

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