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Chapter 542

After seeing her just now, all of his deep desires and feelings for Jasmine ignited once again.

Therefore, he wanted to browse through each and every photo of Jasmine’s circle of friends.

He carefully observed every picture of Jasmine and her friends. As he looked at her pictures, he sighed as he thought to himself that she was indeed a very perfect girl, and there was not the slightest fault that he could find in her at all.

Thus, he secretly vowed to himself that he would have to get Jasmine no matter what he had to do!


On the way back to the Moore family mansion, Reuben tentatively said to Jasmine, “Jasmine, I think that Sean seems to be interested in you!”

Jasmine replied flatly, “Oh.”

“Oh?” Reuben parroted her before asking curiously, “Why are you so cold and indifferent toward it?”

“Then?” Jasmine asked, “Does he mean anything to me at all? No, he is nothing to me. So, do I have to pretend to be very excited just because he is interested in me?”

Reuben asked, “Sean is very handsome. Aren’t you in the least bit interested in him?”

Jasmine shook her head before she said, “I have no feelings for him at all. In fact, he is not even a friend of mine. At best, he could only be considered an acquaintance.”

Reuben hurriedly tried to persuade her, “Are you stupid? Do you know how wealthy and powerful the Webb family is? They are the top and most influential family in the South Region! If you get together with Sean, this will definitely be the icing on the cake for the Moore family!”

“I have no feelings for him whatsoever,” Jasmine replied indifferently. “I will not get together with a person I have no feelings for even if he is the richest man in this world.”

Reuben asked in surprise, “Jasmine, don’t tell me that you are really in love with Charlie?!”

Jasmine glanced at Reuben embarrassedly, and she could not answer his question at all.

Reuben sighed before he said, “My dear sister, are you truly that foolish? I know that grandpa might be confused, but are you really going to try and pursue Charlie just because grandpa asked you to do that? Charlie is already someone else’s husband. He has a wife. What about you? You are the noblest and most eligible girl amongst all the other girls in Aurous Hill. How could you possibly get together with a man like Charlie?”

At this time, Jasmine evaded his question and said, “Brother, don’t worry about me. I will take care of my own business.”

“Hey!” Reuben replied as he sighed pretentiously. “I am your brother, and I’ve watched you grow up ever since you were a young girl. As your brother, I sincerely hope that you will be able to marry a man who is right for you and has never been married before, just like you. It would be a huge pity if you married a man like Charlie who has already been married before!”

After that, Reuben continued speaking, “What’s more, Charlie is just a useless son-in-law who knows nothing at all. How could he possibly be worthy of someone like you?”

Jasmine turned around and looked at Reuben before she said sternly, “Brother! Mr. Wade is not as useless as you make him out to be. You just haven’t seen him for who he is yet.”

Reuben replied disdainfully, “What is he capable of? What other abilities does he have? All that he knows how to do is to concoct some medicine. I don’t think that is so great at all.”

Jasmine shook her head before she said, “Everyone has their many different faces. In many people’s eyes, Mr. Wade might be nothing more than a piece of trash and a useless son-in-law. However, in my eyes, Mr. Wade is a real master, and he is different from what everyone thinks he is!”

Reuben curled his lips slightly before he said, “Don’t tell me you really think that he is a real dragon in this world, Jasmine. I want to laugh when I think about it! Pfft…”

Jasmine glanced at Reuben and felt that the sarcastic expression on Reuben’s face made him seem like he was mentally retarded.

However, Reuben felt that it was time for Jasmine and his grandfather to open their eyes and see Charlie’s true colors.

Charlie was the real dragon in this world? If so, Reuben would just have to figure out a way for Sean to become Nezha so that he could strip Charlie of his skin and tendons!

Book Translations by CannedSplam