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Chapter 539

Donald and his son, Sean, had just come out from the intensive care unit when the nurse brought Reuben and Jasmine into the family waiting room.

Sean spotted the slim and glamorous Jasmine at a single glance. He was taken aback for a moment and only regained his senses after a few seconds.

Donald was also a little surprised to see Jasmine.

He was Jasmine’s elder, so he had not had much contact or interaction with Jasmine. They had not seen each other for several years, but unexpectedly, this young girl was now even more beautiful and attractive than she had been in the past. She would not lose out to those big celebrities at all!

At this time, Reuben quickly stepped up as he spoke very respectfully, “Hello, Uncle Webb. I am Reuben from the Moore family, and this is my cousin, Jasmine. My grandpa heard that you are in Aurous Hill, so he wanted us to come and pay you a visit.”

Reuben continued, “My father is not in Aurous Hill for the time being so he could not come and visit you in person today. Please forgive us for being rude.”

Donald hurriedly replied, “Oh! Lord Moore is too polite. I was supposed to visit him, but something happened at home, so I could not walk away at all. I was the one being rude.”

Even though there was a substantial difference between the wealth and power of the Webb and Moore family, they were both one of the most powerful and influential families in the South Region. Therefore, it was already a traditional custom between these two families that anyone who visited the other person’s territory should take the initiative to come and visit the host first.

If Donald came to Aurous Hill, under any normal circumstances, the first thing he would do was to visit the Moore family. That way, the two families would be able to maintain a close relationship with one another.

However, Donald could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

After all, his family’s current predicament was indeed a little special. He felt that it would be very shameful to talk about his youngest son’s current condition.

Therefore, he simply replied frankly, “Oh, the reason I came to Aurous Hill this time is because my youngest son, Kian, has come down with some physical and mental problems. As soon as I arrived at Aurous Hill, I stayed at the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital without going anywhere else. Otherwise, I would have gone to visit Lord Moore a long time ago. I hope that Lord Moore will forgive me and I sincerely hope that he will not hold this against me.”

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Uncle Webb, you don’t need to be so courteous and polite. Grandpa knows that you have some personal business to deal with. Therefore, he does not blame you at all.”

As she spoke, Jasmine took out the piece of cold jade with a carving of Guanyin on it and handed it to Donald saying, “Uncle Webb, my grandfather asked me to pass this piece of cold jade to you. He said that it has the effect of calming the mind and bringing peace to its owner. He hopes that it will be able to alleviate your youngest son’s condition a little.”

Donald hurriedly said, “Please help me thank Lord Moore for his kind gesture.”

Then, he reached out his hand to take the piece of cold jade from Jasmine.

Sean had been watching Jasmine all this time without saying anything at all. After he had finally regained his composure, he said calmly, “Jasmine, it seems as though we have not seen each other for a long time, right?”

Jasmine nodded as she smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I think it has already been three to four years since we last met each other. I don’t remember too clearly.”

Sean smiled before he said, “Time really flies by! You have already changed a lot over these few years. It seems as though both of us should keep in touch in the future! Otherwise, we might not even recognize each other when we bump into one another in two more years!”

Jasmine laughed before she replied politely, “Yes. We have not seen each other for so many years, and everyone has already changed quite a bit.”

Donald was keenly aware of Sean’s abnormal behavior, and he could instantly tell that his son was interested in Jasmine.

At this time, he suddenly felt that it would actually be great if Jasmine could marry into the Webb family. It would be perfect if she became his daughter-in-law!

There were many other large and powerful families in the South Region, and many of them had daughters of marriageable age. However, one of the main problems with girls from a wealthy and powerful family was that they were usually not very good looking or attractive.

Even though some of them were pretty good looking, they had very poor temperament because they had been spoiled ever since they were young. There were rarely any girls who were as intelligent and well behaved as Jasmine.

If there was a marriage arrangement between the Moore family and the Webb family, they could join forces and would also be able to actively promote and help each other out.

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