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Chapter 530

After that, Christopher took Hannah with him as they left the villa immediately.

The real estate agent who had been standing at the side also followed awkwardly behind them. Even though she also despised these two customers after listening to Elaine’s words, she had no choice but to follow after them because the customer was always the king.

When Summer saw both of them leaving, she could not help but sigh and say, “Sister Elaine, your relatives are truly strange. Did they treat me as a fool? She actually dared to ask to buy my villa for eight million dollars…”

Elaine smiled before she replied, “Well, they are going bankrupt soon. In fact, they are just a bunch of poor people with no money at all. I think that they may not be able to afford it even if you promised to sell the villa to them for eight million dollars!”

Summer nodded before she said, “That is truly disappointing. Let’s ignore them and continue playing our mahjong instead!”


Christopher and his wife, Hannah, began cursing in unison after they left the villa.

The main reason why they did not dare to curse or swear in front of Elaine was simply because they were both afraid of her son-in-law, Charlie.

If they got beaten up by Charlie, they would surely be on the losing end.

The real estate agent followed quickly behind them, and after they were done scolding and cursing, she asked cautiously, “Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, do you want to take a look at other houses instead?”

Hannah had a very ugly expression on her face as she glared at the girl and cursed, “Look?! What are you looking at? Get out of my sight!”

After saying that, Hannah grabbed Christopher as they walked out of the villa complex.

The real estate agent could not help but shed tears of grievances at this time. However, since she had a weaker personality, she did not step forward to demand justice for herself.

After leaving the villa, Hannah could not help but feel even more angry and frustrated. After that, she could not help but tell Christopher, “This Elaine is really good at showing off! Look at how she is acting just because she has some money now! How can she actually go around showing off that she is already going to move into the luxurious villa at Thompson First soon?! If it were not for that piece of trash, Charlie, going around to deceive people, how could they possibly own a villa at Thompson First?! Ahh! I am so annoyed and frustrated right now!”

Christopher had a cold expression on his face as he agreed with Hannah’s words. “That lousy woman is really too much!”

After that, Christopher sighed as he said helplessly, “Alas, we cannot afford to take any actions against her now. The Wilson family is going to crumble and fall soon. Anyone will be able to humiliate and trample all over us then…”

At this time, Hannah immediately asked, “Then, are we still going to buy a house then? If we do not buy a house, your mother is going to ask you to give her eight million dollars!”

“Buy! Of course, we’re going to buy a house!” Christopher replied immediately. “However, we will not be buying the house now.”

Hannah hurriedly asked, “If so, when will we buy the house?”

Christopher replied, “Doesn’t that stinky woman, Elaine, have some money now? I think that we should try to scam the money out of her.”

“Scam her? How could we possibly scam her?” Hannah asked in surprise.

Christopher had a sullen expression on his face as he said, “Doesn’t she enjoy gambling? Then, let’s make a bet. First, we will use a petty profit to lure her into the game. After that, we will keep luring her to place a bigger bet, and we will then hire an experienced old man to deal with her! We will eventually be able to cheat all of her money out of her!”

At this time, Christopher sneered before he said, “It would be even better if we could get her to mortgage the villa at Thompson First to us! If that is the case, we will be able to turn our lives around immediately!”

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