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Chapter 528

Christopher turned pale, and he quickly stepped forward to reprimand Elaine. “Elaine! Stop trying to criticize and insult us! No matter how depressing our situation is, we are definitely better off than you. Why don’t you take a look at your own life instead? Your husband is a piece of trash, your son-in-law is a piece of trash, and your whole family is simply pathetic!”

Elaine’s eyes widened immediately, but she simply replied in disdain, “Oh! Big brother, you are right! My husband is really nothing but a piece of trash, but what else can I do? All the men in the Wilson family are nothing but garbage! Don’t you already know this in your own heart?”

“You…” Christopher gritted his teeth in anger.

Good for you, Elaine. I was scolding your husband, but you actually dragged my husband and son into this?!

At this time, Elaine did not give Christopher any chance to continue speaking at all. She simply placed her hands on her waist as she said arrogantly, “But don’t you dare say that my precious son-in-law, Charlie, is a piece of trash! My precious son-in-law is really amazing! Moreover, I will also be able to move into my luxurious villa at Thompson First next month. Can you even afford a villa there? Do you have the ability to buy a villa there?”

In truth, Elaine was not all that proud of Charlie.

However, she was simply taking advantage of this opportunity to use Charlie to antagonize Christopher. It was really exhilarating!

When Christopher heard Elaine’s words, he felt very uncomfortable and distressed.

Damn it! She was right.

Even though Charlie was nothing but a piece of trash, he actually owned a luxurious villa at Thompson First. What about himself? He could only afford to buy a second-hand villa that was already twenty years old. Charlie could probably buy ten of these villas with one of his villas at Thompson First.

Elaine felt very happy and victorious when she saw the ugly and uncomfortable expression on Christopher’s face. She was so excited that she felt as though she could perform a dance right here.

After that, Elaine sighed before she continued attacking Christopher. “Oh. To be completely honest with you, I did think that Charlie was nothing but a pathetic piece of trash in the past. I used to look down on him, and I really envied you and sister-in-law. Your daughter, Wendy, was engaged to the wealthy and powerful Gerald from the White family. Your family would have risen up the ranks in an instant if Wendy were to marry into the White family!”

Elaine sighed as she shook her head with regrets. “Well, who would have thought that Wendy would actually be dumped by Gerald? I guess Gerald is truly the scumbag of all scumbags! How could he be so heartless? He got Wendy pregnant, and then he dumped her without any hesitation at all. Who would do that to anyone?”

Hannah and Christopher exchanged glances with one another. At this time, they were so angry and furious, they could kill anyone!

Damn it! This lousy woman was absolutely overstepping her boundaries!

At this time, Elaine continued speaking, “But still, I envied you. Even though Gerald dumped Wendy, I heard that Wendy still got her hands on a new son-in-law for my brother and sister-in-law! I heard that your new son-in-law was Kenneth Wilson, the chairman of Modestway Group! He is so much wealthier and more powerful compared to Gerald!”

As she spoke about this, Elaine had a regretful expression on her face as she said, “However, even though Kenneth seems like the perfect man, there is still one big problem with him. He is a little too old. Brother-in-law, I think that Kenneth should be at least two to three years older than you. Am I right? Can I interview you and ask you a question? What does it feel like to have a son-in-law who is older than you?”

Hannah could clearly hear the irony and sarcasm in Elaine’s words, and the expression on her face was extremely ugly as she yelled, “Elaine! You’d better shut your mouth right now! Otherwise, I will tear your mouth apart today!”

“Hey!” Elaine replied disdainfully, “Sister-in-law, I am simply speaking the truth. Why do you want me to shut my mouth? Why won’t you let me continue speaking? Why do you want to tear my mouth apart?”

As she spoke, Elaine snorted coldly before she said, “Let me tell you something, Hannah. Don’t think that you can bully me just because you have a son-in-law who is older than you! Don’t think that I don’t know that Kenneth has already dumped Wendy a long time ago! Am I right?”

“I also heard that Kenneth gave Wendy away to Jeffrey from the Weaver family. Hahaha. Chairman Wilson is truly a very interesting person. Wendy is a person, not an item or a puppy. How could he just give her away to someone else so casually?”

“That is the reason why I say my precious son-in-law, Charlie, is still the best. Even though he can be a little useless at times, at least he is very reliable, and he will never give up on our family just like that.”

Hannah was about to lose her cool and go crazy because of Elaine’s ridicule.

She gritted her teeth before she rushed directly at Elaine as she yelled hysterically, “Elaine! I am going to fight it out with you today!”

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