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Chapter 527

Truth be told, Hannah and Christopher would never have dreamt that they would run into Elaine here!

Both of them really could not comprehend the situation. Why was Elaine here at the villa?

Was she friends with Summer?

Hannah was a little annoyed at this time.

In fact, she had already planned to slaughter the price of the villa and insist on purchasing the villa for eight million dollars. If the other party disagreed with the price, she would just increase the price little by little until a maximum of nine million dollars. Hannah was confident that she would definitely be able to buy the villa for nine million dollars.

However, she never would have expected Elaine to suddenly appear and attack them at this time!

Besides, Elaine had always been very polite and respectful toward her. So, why was she suddenly so courageous to even mock her in front of everyone else today? When did she become so courageous?

Elaine had been bullied by Christopher and Hannah ever since she had married into the Wilson family. After being bullied for more than twenty years, Elaine naturally hated them to the core.

Since she heard that the Wilson family was going to go bankrupt and lose everything that they had soon, Elaine had been looking for an opportunity to taunt and humiliate the both of them. Unexpectedly, the heavens had eyes, and she was given this golden opportunity to make fun of them today!

This gave Elaine an opportunity to avenge the hatred that she had felt all these years.

The expression on Hannah’s face was very ugly after listening to Elaine’s sarcastic remark. She turned her head and looked at Elaine before she said, “Elaine, what do you mean by that?”

Elaine smiled before she said, “Oh! Sister-in-law, do you really mean to say that you do not understand what I am saying? My friend’s villa is worth more than ten million dollars, but you are actually trying to offer her only eight million dollars for it? Can you be even more shameless than this? I know that you might have become very poor recently, but this is not a valid reason for you to come out and try to take advantage of others!”

As Elaine spoke, she did not bother to conceal her feelings, or rather, she did not want to conceal it at all. Elaine did not care about their feelings whatsoever.

Her husband, Jacob, had no place or status in the Wilson family, and that was the reason why she had been living under the pressure and control of this couple for so many years. She had been suffocated and filled with grievances throughout all these years.

Since she finally had the opportunity to trample all over them, Elaine naturally wanted them to feel the bitterness she had tasted all this while!

The expression on Hannah’s face turned even uglier as she glared at Elaine and said, “Okay, Elaine. It seems as though you have become even more skillful after just a few days, right? You used to be so cowardly like a mouse who had just seen a cat when you saw me in the past. Now, you actually dare to talk to me in this manner?”

Hannah was also very angry at this time!

In the past, Elaine was simply an inferior person who could not do anything or stand up to her at all.

However, when Elaine saw that the Wilson family was about to go bankrupt, she immediately had the courage and guts to jump at her and taunt her! What a bitch!

When Elaine heard Hannah mention the past, she quickly replied arrogantly, “Oh, sister-in-law. Do you really think you can continue pressuring me just because the old lady favored you? Why don’t you take a look in the mirror so you can see how poor you are now? You still dare to act tough in front of me?”

Then, Elaine continued speaking, “To tell you the truth, I have already been unhappy and dissatisfied with you for a very long time, Hannah. Over the years, the old lady had always been very biased and impartial. She always favored you because you were her eldest daughter-in-law. Otherwise, how could I possibly have swallowed my pride, bowed down to you, and praised you when you were actually worth nothing at all? You are just a stinky woman who knows how to kneel down and suck up to an old lady! The Wilson family is already going bankrupt and you are still trying to act tough in front of me?! Pfft! Why don’t you take a piss and look at who you really are?”

Hannah’s face turned red with anger at this time.

In the entire Wilson family, was she truly the only one who had been kneeling down and sucking up to Lady Wilson?

When Elaine was trying to curry favor with Lady Wilson, she was more than willing to do anything that she could, and she worked even harder than anyone else to please the old lady! So, how could Elaine say that about her when they were both obviously in the same boat?!

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