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Chapter 521

When the news about the Weaver family hit the streets, Charlie, who had kicked Jordan and Jeffrey into living hell and helped Liam to rise up, was in the kitchen cooking lunch for his wife and in-laws.

At the dining table, Jacob and Elaine were actively talking about the Weaver family. They loved to talk about such gossip, especially Elaine. She would be thrilled for the next three days if she knew about the misfortune that happened in another family.

When Elaine mocked Jordan and Jeffrey for their misfortune, Claire chided, “Mom, don’t mock others like that, it’s not nice.”

Elaine snorted in disdain. “Huh, I can ignore other people, but I won’t miss a chance of mocking the Weaver family!”

Then, she said in a sheepish tone, “Oh yes, did you know that Wendy was seemingly with Jeffrey a few days ago?”

“Huh?” Claire gaped in bewilderment. “No way. Jeffrey is thirty-something, isn’t he? He is at least a decade older than Wendy! I don’t think Wendy wants to be with him.”

Elaine clicked her tongue amusingly. “Haha, do you really think Wendy is a saint? Tell you something, I heard that she had been Kenneth’s lover for some time! You know Kenneth, right? Kenneth Wilson, the chairman of Modestway Group in Eastcliff. Then, it was Kenneth who passed her to Jeffrey!”

This time, it was Jacob who was in utter shock. “What? Did you say Kenneth from Eastcliff? Wendy was his lover? No way! Kenneth is older than Chris!”

Elaine said, “Your mom wanted to curry favor with Kenneth so that she could get investment from him to save the company, so she instructed Wendy to sleep with Kenneth. I must say, the guy kept his promise, he invested 10 million into the company. Everyone knows about it, it’s the truth.”

“Oh my goodness…” Claire gasped, “How could Grandma do that?! How could she ask Wendy to be with Kenneth just for money? How could my uncle and aunt agree to such an arrangement?”

“Them?” Elaine snorted contemptuously, “I bet they were looking forward to it!”

Then, she said in a mocking tone, “Well, the old lady had quite wishful thinking, but too bad Kenneth only invested ten million and that’s it.”

Claire said, “Wilson Group’s debts amount to about thirty million, the ten million is just a drop in the bucket. I guess Grandma and the rest must be having a difficult time now.”

“She deserves it!” Elaine growled, “Your grandma deserves every last bit of it! Don’t you see how she has bullied us for so many years? I wish that they’d go bankrupt soon and I hope to watch the old coot sleeping on the street! Only then would she realize how many mistakes she’s made! Honestly, I feel relieved and at ease when I think of it!”

Jacob started awkwardly, “Enough. Mom might be wrong at some point, but you can’t curse her like that! If they really go bankrupt and they are kicked out of the house, do you think we can turn our backs on her when she comes to us?”

Elaine blurted furiously, “Are you kidding me? I don’t care, of course! So what if she has to sleep on the street? I won’t even care if she starves to death! Did you forget what she said and how she looked at us when she kicked us out of her family? I will never forgive her!”

Jacob sighed and said nothing more.

He was indeed angry with his mother, but he wasn’t as angry as Elaine was.

Elaine smiled triumphantly and said, “Huh, I can’t wait to see the end of the Wilson family. When they are done for, we’ll be moving into the big Thompson First villa, and it would be like heaven and hell! Until then, I’ll let them know that fortune knocks once at every man’s door!”

She turned to Charlie and urged, “Charlie, have you been in contact with Mr. Zeke White? Ask him to urge the contractor to speed up their renovation progress. I want to move in next month!”

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