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Chapter 519

Lady Wilson fell into complete despair.

She didn’t want the legacy that she worked hard for her whole life to be gone just like that.

Besides, this villa was the only property she had in Aurous Hill.

If they went bankrupt, the villa would definitely be seized. Next, she, her son, and his family would be kicked out to the streets.

Then, she suddenly remembered that Christopher must have some money in his hands. She quickly asked, “Chris, how much money do you have right now?”

Christopher’s heart skipped a beat in panic. He blurted, “Mom, I don’t have much, just a few million…”

“A few million? Why so little?” Lady Wilson frowned in dismay. “Kenneth gave Wendy five million. Over the years, you’ve stayed here without any additional expenses and you even receive salary from Wilson Group! Where did all your money go?”

Christopher’s face twisted into a sad grimace. “Mom, I don’t have any savings! Yes, my living expenses have been quite low because I stay with you, but I still have to spend money on Harold, Wendy, and Hannah. I’m quite a big spender too, so I don’t have much savings.”

“If so, invest whatever money you have into the company first. It can at least drag the whole matter for a while. Then, I’ll find a way to get more investments.”

“Mom! I… I put all my money in fixed deposit accounts… I can’t withdraw them now!”

“Oh, just shut it!” Lady Wilson roared. “Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking in your nasty little mind? You want to keep the money for yourself, don’t you?”

Christopher zipped his mouth awkwardly.

“Have you heard of the saying ‘no eggs remain unbroken when the nest is overturned’? If the Wilson family crumbles, do you think you can live well?”

Christopher nodded frantically, “Yes, Mom, you’re right… but the money is really stuck in a fixed deposit account right now.”

“So what?” Lady Wilson growled, “Do you think I’m not familiar with banking matters? You can withdraw the money before maturity, you’ll just lose your interest, that’s all. Is that what you care about at a critical moment like this? I’ll give you one day to withdraw all your money and transfer it to the company account. Then, I’ll call our creditors to see if we can come out with some sort of an instalment plan for the payment, at least it can give us a year or two to regain our composure!”

It had been very troublesome for the creditors to collect debts in recent years. Therefore, if the debtors were courteous and could provide them a clear installment repayment plan, most creditors would agree to the idea, especially if they could repay a little of their debts first.

Lady Wilson was thinking of using Christopher’s money to calm the creditors down and buy her some time to manage the debts. Otherwise, her villa would be seized next month!

Christopher was very reluctant and unwilling to succumb to his mother’s request.

He knew that Wilson Group was a bottomless pit now and he didn’t want to throw his money into the pit. He could only nod his head to his mother’s intense request and said, “Okay, Mom. Don’t worry, Hannah and I will go to the bank later and transfer the money to the company’s account!”

Lady Wilson was slightly relieved by his remark. “I guess you have at least ten million in cash, right? You transfer eight million first and we’ll see how things go.”

Christopher cursed his mother in his heart, ‘Damn it, she is such a greedy monster! How can she ask for eight million when she presumes that I have ten million? I don’t want to give her even a single penny!’

He hid his disguise with a nod while winking at Hannah secretly. He said, “Alright then, Mom. I’ll go out with Hannah to handle the matter, you stay at home and wait for our good news.”

Lady Wilson nodded in satisfaction. “Okay. Go on now.”

Christopher dragged Hannah out of the house. When they were outside, Hannah shrieked, “What the hell, are you crazy?! How could you agree to the old lady’s ridiculous request? Do you really want to give her eight million? We only have a total of fifteen million dollars in our hands!”

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