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Chapter 490

At half past seven in the morning, Charlie pretended that he had just woken up. After washing up, he went out to buy something before he came home.

Claire hurriedly headed to her office after eating breakfast. After that, Elaine put down the dishes before she dragged her husband, Jacob, out to visit the villa at Thompson First with her. She was already starting to lose her patience since it was taking such a long time for the renovations at the villa to be completed.

Jacob was very unwilling to go and he tried to persuade her, “There are several floors in the villa and it adds up to more than a thousand square meters. The renovation and decorating job for the villa must be really very laborious. It should probably take more than half a year for them to be done with the renovation works. It’s useless even if you are anxious.”

Elaine replied in a dissatisfied manner, “I don’t care! I have already lived in this broken house for long enough. If the renovations aren’t completed by next month, then I’d rather sleep in the uncompleted villa instead of staying here a minute longer!”

After that, Elaine urged Jacob immediately, “Stop talking nonsense! Change out of your clothes and drive me over to have a look at the villa. Hurry up! Otherwise, I’ll get rid of all the antiques you’ve brought back home!”

Jacob did not pursue much in his life and the only thing that he was really interested in was antiques. Even though he was always getting scammed and even though he spent a lot of money buying plenty of useless items, he somehow felt that the things that he bought were in fact all very valuable. Even if they were not valuable at all now, he was certain that they would certainly be very valuable after waiting a few years. Therefore, he had always regarded all of his items as some sort of rare treasure.

Jacob immediately relented and gave in as soon as he heard Elaine threatening to throw all his treasures away. “Okay, okay. I’ll accompany you there, alright?”

Elaine pushed him before she said, “Then, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and change into your clothes!”

Jacob cried out at this time, “I have not finished eating half of my crullers yet! Just let me finish my meal first!”

“Eat, eat, and eat! All you know how to do is to eat!” Elaine said out of annoyance. “You’re becoming as useless as Charlie! All you do is eat and sleep, eat, and sleep! What other things have you done in your life?”

At this time, Jacob replied with a gloomy expression on his face, “Okay, fine. I’ll stop eating.”

After he was done speaking, Jacob quickly got up to change his clothes.

When he returned after, Elaine urged him to leave the house immediately.

When Charlie saw that his entire family had already gone out, he quickly took out his cell phone before he called Graham to ask him to send over more than thirty types of medicinal herbs and materials. He wanted to refine his rejuvenating pill as soon as he possibly could!

Graham naturally agreed to send the herbs over to him and told him that he would deliver the herbs and materials to him as soon as possible.

As soon as he hung up, Charlie suddenly received a phone call from Anthony.

As soon as the call was connected, Anthony said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, did you manage to catch the Japanese man who tried to steal the medicine from me yesterday?”

“Yes, we caught them,” Charlie replied. “I simply laid out the trap for them but I really did not expect them to jump right into it.”

Anthony was also surprised and he quickly said, “Mr. Wade, I heard some of my friends in the medical circle saying that the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, Mr. Masao Kobayashi, passed away early this morning from a sudden illness. Is this incident related to the four pills that you gave to me that day?”

At this time, Charlie replied faintly, “Yes, Mr. Masao Kobayashi died after he took one of the four pills that I gave you. In fact, those pills aren’t actually miracle medicine but are actually poison.”

Anthony had already anticipated that there would certainly be a problem with the pills that Charlie had given to him. As soon as he heard Charlie’s words, he could not help but exclaim, “Mr. Wade, you’re really incredible! If you did not plan all of this ahead of time, then the magical pills that you had given to me would have already been taken away by the Japanese man…”

As they were talking, Charlie suddenly heard the voice of Anthony’s granddaughter, Xyla speaking in the background, “Grandpa! The brothers from the Weaver family, Jeffrey and Liam, are here to see you!”

“The Weaver family?” Anthony could not help but frowned. “Why are they here to see me?”

When Charlie heard this, he simply smiled and said, “I heard that Kenneth’s nerves have begun to fester after taking the medicine created by the Weaver family. I think that they are probably here to beg you to help them.”

At this time, Anthony immediately replied, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry. I know that the bastard, Kenneth, was very disrespectful towards you. Therefore, even if he were to die in front of me, I would not lift a finger to help him!”

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