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Chapter 485

Ichiro was utterly shocked when he heard his assistant’s words!

His father was dead? He died after taking the magic medicine that he sent to him?

This…how could this be possible?

Could it be that the magic medicine was poison itself?

As he thought about it, Ichiro was really very angry and frightened. He wished that he could confront Charlie in person!

Charlie actually dared to cheat his family out of ten billion dollars and poison his old man to death? Wasn’t he a little too cruel?

However, Ichiro knew that he would never be able to defeat Charlie. So, what was the use of confronting him? His father was already dead and it would be completely impossible for him to resurrect him and bring him back to life. Ichiro also knew that it would be impossible for Charlie to return the ten billion dollars to him…

At this time, Ichiro’s assistant hurriedly said, “Mr. Ichiro, you should find a place to hide in Aurous Hill! Do not show your face for the time being. I am guessing that there will be many Japanese gang members and killers who would be going to Aurous Hill to hunt you down and kill you tomorrow!”

Ichiro could not help but panic and feel even more anxious after listening to his assistant’s words.

This was terrible. His brother was offering a cash reward of five billion yen for his own head.

At this time, Ichiro suddenly remembered what Charlie said before he left. At this time, Ichiro quickly begged Albert to bring him back to Charlie. It seemed as though Charlie had already expected something like this to happen…

That bastard! He was the one who specifically set up this trap and poisoned his father to death!

At this time, Ichiro could not wait to smash Charlie into pieces.

However, as he thought about it, Ichiro knew that he would never be able to return to Japan for the time being. Moreover, he would have nowhere to hide in Aurous Hill when the Japanese gang members came looking for him tomorrow…

It seemed as though Charlie was his only chance of survival. After all, Charlie had a strong background in the country and no matter which Japanese gang members came at him, they could not possibly be Charlie’s opponent at all.

Therefore, Ichiro hurriedly begged Albert, “Don Albert! Please! Could you please send me back to Mr. Wade? Please!”

Albert nodded faintly before he pulled the car over and walked over to the front passenger seat. After that, he opened the car door before he dragged Ichiro out and started punching and beating him without saying a single word at all.

After getting beaten up, Ichiro yelled, “Don Albert, what are you doing?”

Albert simply replied, “This is what Mr. Wade had instructed me to do. He said that if you asked me to bring you back to him, I should beat you up first before bringing you back to see him!”

After that, Albert continued kicking and beating up Ichiro who was lying on the ground at this time.

Even though Albert was much older than Ichiro, he was a mobster boss and his physical fitness was different from an ordinary person’s. After getting hit a few times, Ichiro was already feeling dizzy but he did not dare to say anything at all out of fear that Albert would just abandon him and leave him to die.

After beating him up, Albert dragged Ichiro up to his feet before throwing him into the car and heading back to the dog farm.

When they returned to the dog farm, Ichiro realized that his remaining five men had already been fed to the dogs. As soon as Ichiro was brought in front of Charlie, Ichiro cried as he questioned Charlie, “Mr. Wade, why did you use fake medicine to lie to us? My father is now dead and my brother is out to take my life to avenge my father’s death! How could you be so vicious?”

Charlie curled his lips before he said contemptuously, “You Japanese fool. Is there something wrong with your brains? When did I ever give you any fake medicine or lie to you?”

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