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Chapter 466

Jordan hurriedly answered, “I guess it needs some time for it to take effect. First, it needs to repair the damaged part before it can help restore your manhood. Don’t worry, I bet it will stand high and tall after half an hour to an hour!”

Kenneth grinned in delight. “Is that so? If so, time is running out. I need to go now, excuse me.”

Then, he dragged Wendy and quickly left the Weaver family’s house.

On the way home, Kenneth was getting a little agitated and excited. As he drove, he said restlessly, “I feel that the heat is getting stronger and stronger, but why do I feel that it hasn’t quite reached that area yet…”

Wendy quickly said, “Didn’t Mr. Weaver say that the medicine needs to take some time to do the repair before it can work its way to that area!”

“Hahaha!” Kenneth said excitedly, “It’s just like those games that you young people play! The enemy has five seconds to reach the battlefield!”

Wendy smiled coyly. “Kenneth, how long will it take you to reach the battlefield?”

Kenneth grinned slyly. “I guess in about half an hour, it should all come back to me, shouldn’t it? Hahaha!”

Then, he circled his arm around Wendy’s waist and said seriously, “Wendy, after I am completely healed, be with me. If you make me happy, I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of and you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle for the rest of your life.”

Wendy blushed and said timidly, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you the happiest man on earth!”

Kenneth nodded and then said viciously, “That damned Charlie! The bastard made me impotent, I will definitely make him pay for it!”

During this trip to Aurous Hill, he had fallen into Charlie’s traps so many times! Not only was his manhood jeopardized, but he had also had to call the bastard ‘Grandpa’ several times!

All the embarrassment that he felt for his entire life was because of Charlie!

When he got better, he wouldn’t need to be afraid of Charlie or Anthony. Instead, he would find a chance to kill them both!

He hated Anthony too! Damn! How dare he refuse to give him his magical elixir, even going as far as to threaten him! Damn it!


Soon, Kenneth arrived at the Wilson family villa.

As soon as they got out of the car, they passed through the living room and went straight to the guest room on the second floor without a word.

Lady Wilson was drinking tea in the living room. When she saw them coming home and hurrying up the stairs, she asked Christopher, “Do you think Kenneth has had his disorder cured?”

“I have no idea,” Christopher answered, “But I think there must be an improvement since they went back to their room so anxiously.”

Lady Wilson nodded and chuckled. “Good, very good! If Kenneth can restore his manhood, Wendy will be with him again. Then, we can get the remaining 70 million dollars of investment for our company!”

Then, she turned to Christopher and urged, “Go, go to their door and listen to see if Kenneth has really recovered. If he has, I will talk to Kenneth about the second investment first thing in the morning!”

Christopher cleared his throat and said, “Mom, Wendy is my daughter. It wouldn’t be nice for me to eavesdrop at her door…”

Lady Wilson glared at him in dismay and said, “Useless thing! Can you still not tell what is most important right now?! At this moment, it is whether Kenneth has recovered or not!”

Hannah interjected, “Yes, mom is right. Kenneth’s condition is the priority right now. If you’re too embarrassed to go, I’ll go!”

Lady Wilson nodded at Hannah, her eyes brimming with adoration. “See? Hannah is much more courageous and ambitious than you are! Women are always on the stronger side of our family. I’m better than your dad, you are better than Chris, Claire, the abominable girl, is better than Harold! Sigh, the men are hopeless!”

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