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Chapter 447

Everyone looked at Kenneth at this time.

Kenneth felt very ashamed and annoyed, and he cursed out loud, “You are the impotent one! Your whole family is impotent! I am still very able and well!”

Charlie smiled faintly before he said, “Whoever is impotent would know for themselves. Some people cannot get hard where they should and only have a hard mouth. What is the point in that?”

Everyone laughed out loud at this time.

Was it true? The famous and reputable Chairman Wilson had really lost his manhood?

It seemed as though it was true. Otherwise, why would he try so hard to bid for a premium purple ginseng? Moreover, he was even here with Jeffrey from the Weaver family today.

Everyone here today was people from the medical field. Everyone knew that the Weaver family was currently studying a new drug that could strengthen male virility and greatly restore a person’s manhood. It seemed as though the reason why Kenneth and Jeffrey were here together today was simply because Kenneth wanted to be the first person to test the drug?

Kenneth ground his teeth in anger as he blurted out immediately, “You with the last name Wade! Don’t try and give people the wrong assumption here! I am still a very able man!”

“Well, you even gave your own lover away to someone else, and you are still saying that you are an able man? If you are truly so capable, why would you give your woman away to someone else?”

Kenneth’s face flushed red in anger before he sputtered angrily, “You… you… what are you talking about?!”

Wendy also questioned him angrily, “Charlie! Why are you ruining other people’s innocence for no reason at all?!”

When Charlie saw the angry and desperate expressions on their faces, he simply sneered as he looked away. He could not be bothered to continue arguing with them. Therefore, he simply took the three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng from the host before he spoke to Anthony and Graham, “Alright then, there is nothing else that I am interested in here anymore. I am leaving now.”

Having said that, Charlie stood up as he prepared to walk out of the auction hall.

At this time, Anthony and Graham hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, let us send you home!”

“No need.” Charlie waved his hand slightly before he said, “I can go home by myself. Both of you should stay here and socialize with everyone.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Ichiro who was secretly staring at Anthony from not too far away. After that, Charlie quickly reminded Anthony, “Dr. Simmons, if anyone tries to steal the medicine from you today, make sure that you do not resist or fight back. You should just give it to him if he wants it that badly. Do you understand?”

Anthony smiled before he nodded immediately, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry. I understand!”

At this time, Aurora had her eyes on Charlie. In fact, she was feeling a little anxious when she saw that he was about to leave. After hesitating for a short while, Aurora suddenly spoke up in a low voice, “Mr. Wade, can I walk you out?”

When Charlie first saw Aurora today, he could already tell that she had something on her mind. However, she did not dare to talk about it. Now that she had finally found the courage to speak up, Charlie nodded before he said, “Alright then, you can walk me out.”

Aurora looked at Charlie with a grateful expression on her face and said, “Mr. Wade, please come with me!”

Then, Aurora accompanied Charlie to the door.

Charlie looked at Aurora who was still hesitant to speak before he asked, “Aurora, tell me honestly. Do you have something on your mind?”

Aurora bit her lower lip gently as she asked embarrassedly, “Mr. Wade, you could tell that I had something on my mind?”

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