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Chapter 2724

“For example, you can launch the soldiers, the construction of a large number of air-raid shelters in the village, foxholes, then purchase some mining equipment for the mountain so that you can use the mountain as cover to build positive fortifications, as well as fortifications for the opposite slope.”
“In this way, if the opposing government bombs you, you can hide in the fortifications to minimize the loss regardless of what the opponent hits. Moreover, once you have the fortifications on the opposite slope, it will be even more difficult for the other party to decimate your base area. Even if they can break into your valley, your soldiers can cover the whole area with firepower from the fortifications on the opposing slope halfway up the mountain.”
Hamid on the other end of the phone, when he heard these ideas, his eyes lit up.
Charlie continued, ‘You strengthen your defenses and turn yourself into an iron bucket. Then they will not be able to defeat you, they will definitely give up dealing with you and choose to go to war with other opposition forces, and you, try not to take the initiative to attack, just stay in your base area. The enemy will come and we will block, the enemy will withdraw and we will rise. This way, you can not only preserve your strength very well, but also have the opportunity to continue to absorb the defeated skirmishers with your strong defensive ability.”
Hamid exclaimed, “Brother, where did you learn this? Yes? It sounds very reasonable!
Charlie smiled and said, “Learning from our ancestors in China teaches you to have strong infrastructure and defense construction, and not to take the initiative to attack. This is called Be the King: digging deep defensive fortifications, accumulating food, and slowing down the opposition.
Charlie continued explaining, “This allows you to sit and wait for the stragglers who are armed by other opposition factions and then absorb them.”
Hamid said with emotion, “I can further enhance my defense ability based on the experience taught by my brother, but if my brother’s troops ask me for help, then won’t I be really embarrassed to watch the fight from across the bank?”
Charlie laughed and said, “What’s wrong with this? Excuse me? If someone beats someone else, just watch.”
Hamid said in an embarrassed voice, “I’m afraid that will incite the entire opposition camp against us.”
Charlie said seriously, “It doesn’t matter if it incites them, the most important thing is to survive. We don’t take the initiative to look for things, and we don’t get too close to other opposition parties. We do our best to preserve our strength, so that in the event the opposition party fails one day, you can say ‘Here is another hard bone.’ The other party won’t be able to chew it, so they will want to ally with you. Once they ally with you, it will be easier to deal with them so that you can negotiate terms with them to change your respective positions.” Charlie smiled slightly and said earnestly, “This is called move forward and attack, and retreat and defend.”
Hamid was silent on the phone for a long while. Charlie had shared strategies and tactics which he had never thought of before.
Their current strategy was relatively simple: It was nothing more than fighting indiscriminately. So long as long as they meet smaller forces, they will definitely fight.
However, most people just pay attention only to the present and have no long-term systematic strategic plan at all.
By contrast, although Charlie grew up in a peaceful age and had never seen war first hand, he had learned various battle tactics from Chinese history since he was a child and had a certain theoretical basis for understanding strategy.
Moreover, in the few wars of the Chinese nation against foreign enemies, many historic battles had been fought. These battles further highlighted China’s unique strategic thinking. Therefore, Charlie could quickly synthesize the lessons learned from these historic battles and quickly understood Hamid’s current situation.
As long as Hamid could implement the strategies of digging foxholes and trenches, accumulating food, and slowly becoming king, then regardless of whether the opposition succeeds or not, he himself has a chance to succeed.
After hearing this, Hamid was greatly inspired, and blurted out: “Brother! I’ve been enlightened by your words! I will arrange for someone to purchase a batch of light industrial mining equipment, and immediately start working on the main pass and surrounding areas. Build fortifications on the mountain, and purchase more weapons, ammunition, food and medicine, and be prepared to stick to the base for a long time!”

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