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Chapter 2723

Hamid never expected that a huge amount like $100 million USD would be considered nothing more than a “little gift” to Charlie.

He was so touched that his voice choked up, saying, “Brother Wade, you…you really are my reborn parent… thanks to your magical medicine my leg was healed, but I didn’t expect that you would then support me with such a large sum of money. I don’t know how to repay your kindness…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Our acquaintance was destiny; that you and I met was destiny. Since the destiny of our meeting is important, I should do something for my brother.”

Charlie then continued, “By the way, brother, after receiving this money, what are your plans?”

Hamid said without hesitation, “Brother, since my leg was damaged, my forces have suffered through desertion and other groups taking my soldiers. There hasn’t been an opportunity for us to revitalize and grow our strength, but now that I have plenty of funds available I plan to regain my old units, and increase the size of the units as much as possible. I also plan to buy some more advanced weaponry and equipment, and of course upgrade our heavy and light equipment as well.”

Charlie cautioned, “Brother, I advise you not to blindly expand your army at this stage.”

“Why?” Hamid asked in a puzzlement, “What are your thoughts, my brother?”

Charlie said seriously, “You are currently entrenched in a location with great tactical advantages. It’s easy for you to defend, but hard for your enemy to attack. Additionally, your enemy’s weapons and equipment are not all that great, so it adds to their difficulty in attacking you. Blindly expanding your forces is not a significant need at this time.”

Charlie paused for a moment, then went on, “The most significant problem you face right now is that your overall defenses are relatively weak.”

“You only have a few helicopters, the loss of even one would be great; the same with your armored vehicles. However, replacing them would be expensive. Instead, you might as well invest into construction of your infrastructure.”

“Doing so would improve your defensive capabilities, while allowing you to keep a low profile and accumulate strength!”

“Infrastructure?” Hamid asked in surprise: “Brother, what kind of infrastructure can I do in my mountain nest?”

Charlie smiled and said, “You dig deep holes and accumulate grain of course!”

Charlie reminded Hamid, “You are well aware that although your opponent is stronger than you overall, their access to modern weaponry is limited, so at most there are some old fighters and artillery, even missiles. Neither of you can afford these, so the fight between you is not really a modern war at all, but rather a mirror of the conflicts from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.”

“In modern warfare, your base area is totally useless. The other side could simply launch a tactical missile, or carpet bomb your base into dust. But fortunately for you, not everyone can fight such a modern war, so it makes more sense for you to focus on infrastructure!”

“The more you focus here, the more you’ll have strengthened your own base area!”

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