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Chapter 2712

He didn’t know what to say. Do it himself? Then Charlie would force himself to commit suicide. Ask for help? Then maybe Charlie would just have him shot.

However, his daughters were here as well, dare he beg Charlie for mercy? Wouldn’t it be the same as breaking yet another promise and leaving the two daughters behind once more!? His entangled heart and fear of death caused Zayne to collapse to the ground. He only wept, saying nothing.

Zara looked at him, and while she despised what her father had done, she couldn’t bear to see him like this. She didn’t fear that her father would back out of the arrangement. Rather, while she was very disappointed in him, there was no need to let him die at this time.

She hesitated for a moment, then knelt down in front of Charlie and with a choked up voice, spoke, “Benefactor… Zara dares to ask you to forgive my father…”

Xion actually had the same idea as Zara. She too was really disappointed with her father, but he was still her blood relation. Even if he was as timid as a mouse, even if he was addicted to money, he is still her father. He never personally harmed her, how could she expect him to die?

With these thoughts, she also knelt on the ground, begging, “Young Master Wade, please raise your hand.”

Deana had a complicated expression and knelt on one knee as she spoke piously, “Young Master Wade, as Zayne’s wife, I have been thinking of others in my heart over the years. I really owe it to him. He may not be a good man, but please let him live.”

Zayne really hadn’t expected any of this: That both of his daughters, and the wife who was determined to divorce him, would kneel on the ground and beg Charlie to show him mercy.

At this moment, his heart felt truly guilty. He covered his face and lay on the ground weeping bitterly. He really wanted to survive, but couldn’t face his wife and daughters. He could only wait for Charlie’s sentence.

Charlie also hesitated at this time. He hesitated on whether to kill Zayne or not. If he killed him, there were still three other sons within the Banks Family not counting Zayne, or his brother in the kennel. If he didn’t kill him, Zayne would still need to atone for the Anti-Wade Alliance.

So he glanced at Zara and suddenly said, “Zara, if you want me to spare your father’s life, you must agree to two conditions.”

Zara said without hesitation, “Benefactor, please tell me!”

Charlie said sharply, “The first condition, no matter what method you use, you must inherit the Banks Family within three years!”

Zara was shocked. She’d never thought about inheriting the Banks Family, even if she wanted to, she had no chance. She was a woman. It didn’t matter if her father was the eldest son, she would not inherit the Banks Family. How could she reach such an impossible goal in three years?”

However, this was also about saving her father, so she could only bite the bullet and promise first. She blurted out, “Okay! I promise you… What is the second condition?”

Charlie said coldly, “The second condition, on the day you inherit the Banks Family, you must hand over the old dog, Lord Banks, to me! Until you hand him over, Zayne will remain with me. When you hand him over, I will return Zayne to you!”

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