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Chapter 2711

Zayne shuddered under the weight of Charlie’s words, and his own oath. He hadn’t expected his daughters were both still alive, and moreover that they’d been rescued by Charlie!

If Charlie really had him take his own life in exchange for his daughters’, what should he do!? He felt guilty for his daughters and hoped they were safe, but he’s also human. He hadn’t lived enough, and he really didn’t want to die!

Thinking of this, he suddenly trembled and choked, “Mr. Wade, I swear to God, I really didn’t kill your parents… I had nothing to do with their deaths!”

He quickly added, “I’ll say something I’ve kept bitterly close to my heart. For the first part of my life, no matter what I did, I was crushed by your father. He was unnaturally talented and was recognized by all of Eastcliff, and even the entirety of China!”

His expression then darkened, “But what about me? Who am I? I’m just the eldest son of the Banks Family, not only was I inferior to him in every way, but even my beloved wife was deeply in love with your father. Even after his death! I’ve lived in his shadow my entire life, and his shadow enveloped me until now!”

Standing to the side, Deana heard this and suddenly felt a wave of guilt run through her.

Zayne continued crying bitterly as he spoke, “For so many years I never admitted that Bruce was better than me, but I know very well in my heart that I know that Bruce is better than me! I am a thousand times worse than Bruce! With my ability, how could I kill him!?”

“When he was alive, I really hated him to the bone, but think about it, if I could kill him, why didn’t I kill him when he was a radiant star, when he was at the top? Why would I wait for him to retire first?”

With how emotional Zayne was, Charlie felt his words were a mixture of confiding and venting. He also realized in his heart that Zayne wouldn’t be capable of murdering his parents when viewed this way.

Zayne’s performance gave off no clues to the contrary, and his words held a flavor of truth. “He must really hate my father…” Charlie thought. “If he had the ability, he would’ve done it during my fathers prime, when he was at the pinnacle of his career, not wait until he’d retired, that just wouldn’t make any sense.”

His thoughts continued to race as he contemplated what Zayne said, ‘Everyone has said my father was an amazingly talented person, the type of talent even Zayne couldn’t touch. If my father really had died at the hands of such a villain, it would be a great insult to him!’

Charlie still did not intend to let Zayne go, even if he had nothing to do with the death of his parents. He led the charge of the Anti-Wade Alliance. Even if it did not ultimately cause the death of his parents, Zayne had been against his father the entire time. To Charlie, that was an indefensible offense and sin! For forming the Anti-Wade Alliance, Zayne must pay!

So Charlie said coldly, “It doesn’t matter anymore whether you played a role in the death of my parents or not, because as you said, your life was spent discrediting my parents. As for your daughters, even if the death of my parents had nothing to do with you, since Zara and Xion are standing here alive and well, then you must also die!”

Zayne’s face turned ashen. “Yes, Charlie is right. Aside from his parents, I myself said I would willinging give my life in exchange for theirs. I’ve already disappointed and let them down so much, I can’t do that anymore… but…” These thoughts brought pain to Zayne’s heart, he didn’t want to die. He really didn’t want to die.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to continue to disappoint his daughters, but on the other he didn’t want to die like this. He didn’t know what to do.

Seeing him lower his head without saying a word, Charlie asked sarcastically, “What, you’re not regretting your words are you?”

“I…I’m not…” Zayne blurted out.

Charlie retorted, “Then how do you want to die? By your own hand, or with my help?”

“I…” Zayne was speechless, his whole body convulsed and trembled violently.

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