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Chapter 2710

Charlie rolled his eyes. The sudden sound of a thunder clap reverberated through the room, leaving both Zara and Xion stunned as their father’s head jerked to the side from Charlie’s powerful slap.

Zayne was also completely stunned, and asked with anger in his heart, “What the hell? What’s the matter with you? Why are you hitting me again? And in front of my wife and daughters!”

Charlie responded in an icy tone, “Zayne, you are so shameless. After Xion disappeared, did you really look for her?”

“I…” Zayne was taken aback. “Of course, but I didn’t find her, it was considered impossible. She disappeared at sea, and If even the country of Japan couldn’t find her, how would I be able to, I don’t have that kind of ability!”

“Because I knew that the chance was so small, I didn’t even know where to begin. Besides, I’d been pressed by the old man all the time, and couldn’t mobilize any resources. The old man just sold out Xion. If I went behind his back, it would’ve caused confrontation with the old man…”

“So, I didn’t put much effort into finding her…” He realized the slap from Charlie was justified.

Thinking of this, he lowered his head in shame and choked, “Xion, when you were caught by the Japanese, I really wanted to save you. Your grandpa kept saying that he would help me rescue you, but I didn’t expect that he’d go behind my back and talk to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces about those nasty conditions…”

Xion’s tears left bitter trails down her cheeks. She’d also guessed that it was her Grandpa, Lord Banks, who had really betrayed her. However, when she thought that her father made no substantial efforts to save herself, her heart also felt a little cold. Even if she was an illegitimate daughter, she was still his flesh and blood.

His own flesh and blood was betrayed in this manner, even though it was unknown whether she was dead or alive, he did nothing. It was indeed too impersonal.

Seeing her crying, Charlie smiled and comforted her, “You don’t have to be sad. It had nothing to do with you being his illegitimate daughter. He was still helpless and made no efforts even when his eldest daughter, Zara, disappeared. He has no humanity, and only wants to be the patriarch of the Banks Family. No matter whose life is used in exchange, he will not hesitate.”

Xion nodded softly when she heard Charlie’s words. Last time she accompanied Charlie in the capture of James, the second son of the Banks Family. She knew what happened to Deana and Zara from that. When she thought of that incident and then of her own, her expression suddenly became even more disappointed.

In her view, the Banks Family is indeed the graveyard of family love and humanity. For the Banks Family, there is nothing in this world that cannot be sacrificed or given up.

Zayne saw the eyes of both daughters looking at him, full of deep disappointment and indifference, he felt his heart collapse.

He knelt on the ground and cried out, “Zara, Xion, it’s me as a father who has not fulfilled his obligations, and I haven’t done enough to protect you. I am wrong, I am guilty… I am guilty. …”

Xion turned her face and her back to her father, and wiped her tears. For Zara, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

Charlie glared at Zayne and yelled in a cold voice, “Zayne! You were hostile to my parents and established the Anti-Wade Alliance. I still believe there’s a high probability that you were responsible for my parents’ death, but I have repeatedly saved your family’s bloodline four times!”

“In Kyoto, I saved your children, Fitz and Zara!”

“In Tokyo, I saved your illegitimate daughter Xion!”

“In Aurous Hill, I saved your wife Deana and again saved your daughter Zara!”

“Setting Deana aside, I have saved your childrens’ lives four times!”

“Zayne! You just said you were willing to exchange your life for the lives of your daughters. You can see with your own eyes that they are alive and well, now it is time for you to fulfill your promise!”

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