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Chapter 2709

Xion’s room was on the same floor, and only about a dozen rooms away from the room shared by Deana and Zara. Naturally she had no clue about the events that had transpired as she was spending the morning practicing her martial arts.

Charlie had recently expanded the patency of her Ren Vessel from 40% to 100%, increasing her overall strength exponentially. She practiced hard, taking full advantage of the foundation laid for her by Charlie. Xion exercised this morning in her sports underwear, covered in sweat from the strenuous work out when the doorbell rang. Hoping it was Charlie, she excitedly ran to the door.

As she reached for the door a voice came through from the other side, “Miss Banks, are you awake?” It was Isaac Cameron.

Her hand froze in midair, and with a feeling of disappointment she asked, “Is there something wrong, Mr. Cameron?”

Isaac Cameron politely responded through the door, “Our young master is here with a few acquaintances in another room. He would like you to join them if it’s convenient for you.”

When Xion heard that Charlie was looking for her, the disappointment was replaced with excitement, and she quickly replied “Please wait a moment Mr. Cameron, I need to change first and then I’ll be right out!”

She ran back to her bedroom and toweled off her fragrant sweat, ignoring the need to take a shower and changed her clothes. She looked at herself in the mirror, and although she had a radiant face with full red lips and white teeth, she felt despondent and a lack of delicacy. She’d never learned to apply makeup, having focused her life on martial arts, and didn’t even have lipstick or pencils to help doll herself up a bit. In desperation, she dispelled the notion for the time being and hurriedly left her room. Isaac Cameron was waiting at the door for her.

Seeing Xion come out of her room, he made a pleasant gesture toward her and said, “Miss Banks, please come with me.”

Xion nodded, and followed Isaac Cameron to the room where Charlie was. Zayne, Zara, and Deana didn’t know who the other guest that Charlie referred to was, but they were all very curious.

A moment later the doorbell rang and Isaac Cameron spoke from the side of the door, “Master, your guest has arrived.”

Charlie gave a hum, and said, “Let her in.”

Isaac Cameron immediately opened the door and spoke to Xion beside him, “Miss Banks, if you please.”

Xion stepped forward and saw Charlie standing just inside the door. Her heart leapt with joy, but a moment later she noticed the other people in the room and she froze in a daze. She’d never imagined that her father, half-sister, and her half-sister’s mother would all be here as well!

Zayne, Zara, and Deana were all shocked to see Xion walking in! No one thought that Xion, who’d disappeared in Japan, was still alive!

The whole of Japan tried hard to find her. The Metropolitan Police Department carpeted the entire country looking for her with the aid of the Self-Defense Forces. After conspiring with Lord Banks, and in a bid to mend the damage the conspiracy had caused, the Maritime Self-Defense Force helped with the search along the coastline and waters of Japan. However, no one found the whereabouts of Xion.

The Japanese eventually believed that Xion had died at sea. The Banks Family also felt she was most likely dead and at the bottom of the ocean, as it would’ve been impossible to evade the wide net the Japanese government cast in its desperation to find her.

But here stood Xion, alive and well in Aurous Hill, not Japan! Moreso, she was a guest of Charlie, meaning he was the one who’d most likely saved her! From this point of view, Charlie had the ability to reach the sky, otherwise how would he have been able to rescue Xion from the wolf’s den!? It was simply incredible!

Zayne was naturally the most excited at seeing Xion alive, and crying he said, “Xion! Xion! It’s really you! Dad looked so hard for you!”

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