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Chapter 2707

Zara was taken aback as she watched the man tumble into the room and land at her feet. However, she didn’t care about the man sprawled on the floor, or even who he was, all of her attention was focused on Charlie’s face.

Seeing that Charlie was really standing before her, Zara’s heart and body were instantly captured by him. After so many days of longing for him to come, tears sprung from her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.

She knelt on the ground almost without thinking, and said with a choked voice, “Thank you Benefactor, for saving my life twice! And thank you for saving the lives of my mother and brother!”

Charlie expressionlessly pointed to Zayne with a swollen nose on the ground not far away, and said coldly, “Don’t rush to thank me, look at who I’ve brought!”

Zara involuntarily turned around to look, and was immediately shocked and stunned.


Zara never imagined that the person kicked through the door by Charlie turned out to be her father! Zayne was also completely dumbfounded! His daughter’s whereabouts had been completely unknown, although the old man guessed she might’ve been saved by the same master from Japan. Zayne did not understand it. In his mind, he’d judged Zara’s survival to be about fifty-fifty, he’d never expected she was truly alive, and in the Wade family’s hotel of all places!

Zayne was tortured by the strong rebuke of Charlie’s words earlier and felt enormous guilt towards both of his daughters. Seeing Zara alive and well, he suddenly cried, “Zara… Zara, you’re really alive!… Dad can’t live without you!”

Deana, with a shocked look, had already come to Zayne’s side. She looked down at Zayne, and then up at Charlie standing at the door. She felt as if she’d been transported to another world. Charlie really looked a lot like Bruce. Deana felt as if it was suddenly thirty years ago, to the time when she loved Bruce and dreamed of marrying him.

Zayne also saw Deana standing over him, and the shock hit him like a bolt of lightning. He looked up at his wife and blurted out involuntarily, “Deana…You…You’re also alive…”

Deana was awakened by his voice and recovered from the memory, she looked down at Zayne, and seeing his fifty-something face suddenly returned to reality.

She looked at her husband, her expression and eyes were so calm leaving Zayne to feel inexplicably flustered. She spoke to him in the same calm tone, “Zayne, after so many things that have happened, can the divorce agreement finally be signed?”

Zayne was immediately ashamed and choked, “Okay… I’ll sign it… When I return to Eastcliff, I will immediately sign the papers…”

Deana nodded and said, “When you finish signing, there will be nothing more between you and I. And I will not pursue anything that happened before.”

Zayne burst into tears and said, “Deana, the kidnapping and car accident were all arranged by my father alone, I had nothing to do with it!”

“I know.” Deana smiled slightly, “We’ve been together a long time, I knew that even if you hated me, you would never try to kill me.”

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