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Chapter 2703

Every word spoken by Charlie hit Zayne’s heart. The words filled his mind with visions of walking to a bloody throne, the heads of Fitz, Zara and Xion clutched in his fists. It felt like a dam burst in his heart. Tears flooded down his cheeks as he blurted out, “No! It’s not like that! I’ve never thought of trading their lives for glory and wealth. I was forced to be helpless!”

Zayne broke into racking sobs as he continued in a wail “This was all my father’s doing! He never told me, and kept me in the dark whenever he made such decisions or gave such orders! It pained me greatly, but I couldn’t do anything about it!”

“You really couldn’t help it?” Charlie asked coldly, “Or, were you purposely ignoring it?”

Zayne collapsed to his knees, crying bitterly, “The Japanese wanted Xion’s life. I told my father that I would try my best to rescue her, and he agreed. I even had Xion’s mother go to Japan and personally tell Xion the good news, but…but…but I didn’t know it was all just part of my father’s plan! When I found out, Xion’s whereabouts were already unknown. …”

Speaking of this, Zayne grabbed his hair and said in tears, “There are also Deana and Zara. I know Deana has always loved your father, she even told me when she married me, but I didn’t think that after so many years of marriage and having two children, she still couldn’t forget your father!”

“I admit I really hate her, I hate her for having no respect for me, but I never thought of killing her! My father thought she insulted the Banks Family, so he planned everything…But… but how could I know that Zara was in the same car as her…”

“If Deana is dead, I really don’t care, I loved her so much and she hurt me. I’m tired of it. But…Zara, my own flesh and blood, my most beloved daughter, how can I not love her? But I have no way to fix all this…”

Seeing how emotional he’d become, Charlie asked in a cold voice, “If you are given a chance to save the lives of both of your daughters, what price are you willing to pay?”

Zayne said without hesitation: “I would pay any price! Even if it is for me to die immediately; as long as they are safe, I am willing!”

Charlie nodded, “Remember what you just said, and don’t go back on it.”

Zayne thought that Charlie was taunting him, and roared angrily, “What do you mean!? Do you really think I am such a ruthless beast? Do you really think I’d be willing to trade my daughters’ lives for glory and wealth!?”

“The only reason why I gave in to my father is entirely because it was already done. I had no other choice and could only try to reduce the loss as much as possible. My daughters are gone, so I must guarantee that I can become the heir of the Banks Family! It’s like a business, I have invested a huge amount, and no matter what I will win in the end!”

Charlie sneered and said, “Don’t get so excited, I’m not mocking you, I just want you to remember what you’ve just said.”

After speaking, Charlie took out the mobile phone he’d placed in the chest pocket of his jacket, where the camera had been peaking just over the top. Charlie tapped on the red square icon and stopped the video recording.

He then waved his cell phone and said to Zayne, “Everything you said just now is here.”

Zayne was confused, “You…What are you going to do?” He then asked nervously: “Are you going to publish that video!?”

Charlie asked him back, “What? Are you afraid that the old dog, Lord Banks, will disown you after seeing it?”

Zayne gulped and said nervously, “You’ve already captured my second brother. If you destroy me again, what good will it do you?”

He then hurriedly said respectfully, “If you let me go today, I can generously compensate you, how about 10 billion? If it is not enough, I can pay more!”

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