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Chapter 2700

He yelled at Charlie angrily, “Do you know what the Banks Family is capable of? Do you not think I could have you killed in minutes?”

Charlie waved his hand and said disdainfully, “Zayne, save it, you’ve fallen into my hands, don’t pretend to be strong in front of me, and don’t think you can overwhelm me with the Banks Family. My goal is not as simple as slapping you twice.”

Zayne asked nervously, “What is your goal!?”

Charlie smiled and said: “My goal is to trample the entire Banks Family under my feet, not only will it be a slap to your face, but also to your father, Lord Banks’ face!”

“You…you…” Zayne had never met a person in his life who spoke as arrogant as Charlie. However, he also knew that he was trapped, and had no chance to escape. If he really angered Charlie, he might actually kill him.

As a result, his whole body’s momentum instantly weakened, and he tried to explain, “Nephew, you really misunderstand the relationship between myself and your parents. Their deaths have nothing to do with myself or the Banks Family!”

Charlie said, “You’re not the one who has final say in this, I do!”

Zayne asked nervously, “Then…what the hell do you want?”

Charlie smiled and said: “What I want, I’ve already said before, I will smash your face first, then your dad’s face, and then trample the entire Banks Family under my feet!”

Shocked reverberated through Zayne’s heart, He’d never dreamed the son of Bruce would come seeking revenge with murderous intent! He suddenly thought of his younger brother, James, who’d disappeared in Aurous Hill and involuntarily asked, “Is my younger brother in your hands!?”

Charlie nodded, “You’re talking about that fat pig James? Yes, he’s in my hands. Do you know what he’s doing now?”

Zayne’s face turned pale and asked, “Wha..what did you do to him?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Oh, I threw him in a dog cage. I also shot a video of him. He was stripped naked and only wore a pair of briefs. He talked about some very nasty deeds done by the Banks Family on that video.I think you should’ve seen it by now.”

Zayne immediately thought of the two videos that had completely destroyed the reputation of the Banks Family, and the statement made by James in one of them. Zayne had racked his brains trying to figure out who was pulling the strings, but he never expected it to be Bruce’s son!

He gulped, looked at Charlie nervously, and asked, “Then what do you want to do to me today?”

He was mostly afraid that he, like his younger brother, would be locked in a dark dog cage. Charlie smiled indifferently, and said, “I know what you are thinking, but don’t be nervous. When I threw your brother immediately in a dog cage, it was a bit too simple and crude. It lacked any… artistic quality. This time I have designed a complete set of super gift packages for you! It is definitely a brand new design and experience!”

“If you enjoy it the whole time, I promise you will never forget it. It will be a worthwhile trip and a worthwhile life for you!”

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