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Chapter 2698

Zayne continued to dress and groom himself, completely unaware that when he left the bedroom of his suite, he would walk directly in front of Charlie.

Meanwhile Charlie simply sat on the couch, his arms draped over the sofa back, his legs stretched out before him, waiting for Zayne to appear.

The signal jammer had been activated, and all the nearby mobile devices were in a state of no signal. So while Zayne’s mobile phone was still connected to the hotel’s wireless network, the internet access itself had been disabled. But Zayne didn’t pay attention to this.

He straightened his suit and tie in front of the mirror, and after making sure that he was dressed appropriately, he took out a fake beard and stuck it under his nose. He took out a pair of golden glasses from his pocket and put them on. He then grabbed a top hat that matched up with his suit coloring and placed it on his head, feeling it would add to the overall disguise.

When he was ready, Zayne picked up his cellphone and was about to go outside, but he looked down at the phone and found it had no signal. He was surprised and mumbled, “Huh? How come I don’t have a signal now? It should be perfect in this hotel…”

He opened WeChat and found it trying to connect to the network, “This can’t be right, I’ve got WiFi, why isn’t it working?”

Flustered, he hurried from the bathroom, through his bedroom, and opened the door to the living room intending to use the landline to call his men.

However, when he stepped out of the bedroom, he was instantly startled as his heart rate doubled. There was an indescribably familiar stranger lounging on the sofa in the living room!

Panicked Zayne, feigned calmness and asked, “Who are you!? Why are you in my room!?”

Charlie stared at Zayne with a grin and asked, “You’re Zayne, right?”

Hearing his name, Zayne asked with vigilance, “Who are you!? Do you know me!?”

Charlie’s grin widened, “In fact, we’ve met before, though you may be too old and senile to remember.”

“I have!?” Zayne frowned, his heart was extremely nervous, but continued to act calm, “Why don’t I remember meeting you?”

Charlie picked up an apple from the coffee table, took a bite and said, “Think about it carefully. We met at the elevator in Tokyo’s hospital. Do you remember now?”

Zayne squinted his eyes while watching Charlie vigilantly, and quickly recalled the memory in his mind. He soon remembered the scene.

He pointed to Charlie and exclaimed, “You…you’re that kid who seemed so familiar to me in Tokyo!”

Charlie nodded slightly and asked him with a smile, “Why do you think I am familiar?”

Zayne said coldly, “Because you look a lot like a devil I knew who’s been dead for a long time!”

Charlie’s expression became extremely cold in an instant, and he said coldly, “Zayne, if you kneel down and slap yourself right now, I will assume that you didn’t just say that, otherwise I will smack your mouth!”

Seeing Charlie’s cold expression, Zayne’s was surprised and asked, “You…Who are you to Bruce Wade!?”

Charlie stood up and said word by word, “Bruce Wade is my father!”

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