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Chapter 2683

For Charlie, the Rejuvenation Pill is still of some value, but the cost of this pill is really low to negligible.

And this kind of pill is nothing to him now. The reason why he still carries it with him is to deal with any special circumstances. For example, now, this pill comes in handy.

Hamid’s left leg is the biggest regret in his life. In his opinion, it is impossible to cure it, but for Charlie’s pill, even if his legs were lame, one pill could cure him.

Therefore, Charlie handed the pill to Hamid and said with a slight smile: “Brother, my magical medicine is made by ancient Chinese genius doctors. It can cure all diseases and is invaluable. I originally spent a lot of money. I bought it and carried it with me at all times, just in case, in case of emergency, and for life threatening situations.”

As he said, he sighed with emotion, and said with emotion: “But since brother, you need it more than me. Then I will give it to you today!:

Hamid hearing this, he was flattered on the one hand, and inevitably asked in amazement: “My brother, you mean my lame leg can be cured as long as I take this pill?!”

Charlie nodded, and said in a very sure tone: “Yes, as long as you take it, it will be effective on the spot.”

After speaking, he pointed to the surrounding environment and smiled: “As long as you take this medicine, you will definitely run more gracefully than a rabbit on this mountain after a minute.”

Hamid heard him say this. He couldn’t believe it. Because he already spent a lot of energy, money and material resources in order to heal his leg. He has basically seen the world’s top orthopedics experts once, and the more experts he has seen, the more he believes that his leg will never be healed. But right now, Charlie handed him a black pill, saying this—a pill can cure him.

So, he asked in disbelief: “What you said is true?

Charlie smiled and said, “Is it true or not? You wont know if you don’t eat it. Besides, you don’t have to worry that I will harm you, because If I want to kill you, it’s much more convenient to use a gun than poison.”

Hamid nodded, he didn’t worry that Charlie would harm him at all. Previously he was convinced that Charlie would beat him, but now he knows Charlie to have good morals and judgement.

So, he took the pill and said, “Brother, no matter if the medicine is effective or not, thank you first! No matter how much you spend on this pill, I will double it, oh no, I will give you ten times!”

Then he immediately put the pill in his mouth and chewed it up. He did not have time to even finish swallowing the pill before he felt a warm sensation flowing down his throat all the way into his stomach and spreading throughout his organ and body. He felt nourished and rejuvenated instantly!

Then, something more magical happened!

He felt the power of the medicine, it felt like something directed it directly to his left leg!

He felt that his left leg was getting hotter and more itchy, as if he had been bitten by countless mosquitoes. Just when he was unbearably itchy, he suddenly realized the muscles of his left leg, which had been atrophied, began to rejuvenate.

Originally, his left leg not only had muscle atrophy and lameness, but more importantly, because of the injury, the whole left leg was basically unable to exert much strength.

But now it’s different.

He can feel that the strength of his left leg is quickly recovering!

He tried to stand up, but the originally very weak left leg exploded with strong power in an instant. Suddenly he changed from a kneeling posture to a fully standing position.

What’s more amazing is that his standing posture is no longer tilted to the left, but completely straight!

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