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Chapter 2680

The helicopter quickly began to ascend, and then moved towards the coordinates agreed upon by Charlie and Zack Lyles. Traveling through dozens of kilometers of mountainous terrain would take ordinary people more than a day, but by helicopter the journey would only take about ten minutes.

Soon the helicopter arrived at the extraction point. It was at the top of a gently rising mountain top, more like a large hill with it’s lower height and shallow slopes. There were also no roads within a few kilometers, so no one really traveled it.

After the helicopter landed on the top of the mountain, Charlie said to Hamid, “Brother, you’ll have to wait here a while. When my helicopter arrives to pick me up, you can leave.”

Hamid said without hesitation, “It’ll be as you say, so it’s more at ease for you!”

After that, he ordered the pilot, “Turn off the engine and lights, we’ll wait here for a while!”

The pilot immediately did it. When the aircraft engine stopped and the rotors spun to a halt, the surrounding area suddenly became quiet. In the calmness, Charlie could hear Zoey’s sobbing. At this time, she had no idea how many tears she’d shed.

Charlie reached out and removed the wadded headgear from her mouth. Zoey immediately said, “Send me back! Go back to Aurous Hill by yourself and let them take me back!”

Charlie said mockingly, “Your dad told me you are a very smart person, and that you are talented in business and management. I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid.”

Zoey pleaded, “You don’t understand. If I just leave, I will forever carry this burden and nightmare for the rest of my life. I beg, please let me go back. If my friends all die, and I survive, I will be tortured by it for the rest of my life. Instead of that, let me stay in Syria.”

Charlie realized that Zoey’s mentality might not be stupid, but part of her own character.

Most people can forgive themselves easily, but some people don’t. Not only won’t they forgive themselves, but will suffer for the rest of their lives.

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