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Chapter 2672

At the same time, he also spurned the seven highly educated idiots in front of him. Didn’t they wait for the SEALs to rescue them? The SEALs did not come, death came first!

Then, he listened to Commander Hamid and Faisal and others outside exchanged a few words, probably asking Faisal how the hostages inside are.

One of the guards hurriedly said that everything is normal, and then the leader said: “Open the door.”

Immediately he heard the sound of the door opening.

After a while, the iron gate was pushed aside from the outside, and a man in a desert camouflage stepped in.

What’s interesting is that the moment he stepped in, his body swayed to the left, which made Charlie instantly see that this guy had a problem with his left leg and walked with a limp!

Hamid stepped forward and saw the hostages didn’t wear any headgear, and he was furious. He shouted sharply, “Fuck! Why aren’t they wearing any headgear?! Now that they’ve seen my face, won’t I have to kill them?!”

As soon as his voice fell, he realized there was still a figure in the peripheral on his right side, so he hurriedly turned his head and saw Charlie, who was looking directly at him with a smile on his face.

Seeing that Charlie was an unfamiliar face, he was suddenly shocked, and he subconsciously went to his pocket to draw a gun.

At this moment, Charlie pointed the muzzle of the AK47 directly at him, then closed the door with one foot, and said with a smile: “Come on, kneel on the ground with your hands on your hands.

After speaking, he shook his head again and said to himself: “I guess you can’t understand Chinese.”

Hamid Durden blurted out in Chinese:” You are from the Chinese?!”

Charlie was curious and asked: “You also speak Chinese?”

Hamid calmly said: “I’ve studied in China , I learned Chinese. Originally, my father wanted me to fully develop trade with China in the future, but I did not expect that my father would be killed by the government forces.”

After speaking, he looked at Charlie and asked coldly: “Who are you? How come you are here?! Are you a member of the government army?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I’m not from the government army.”

Hamid had an expression of horror and blurted: “Whom do you serve?!”

Charlie pointed to Zoey and said: “I was commissioned by the girl’s father to bring his baby daughter home.”

After that, he pointed to Hamid again, and said coldly: “So you guys are not righteous. You go to war. But you kidnapped a few students who were stupid and unafraid?”

Hamid He gritted his teeth and yelled: “Stop talking nonsense with me here. I took them because they were with the Syrian Government and are my enemy! And you come to my camp without shame and want to take people away when I am here? You think you can come as you want, and leave as you want?”

Charlie smiled and said, “So? Believe it or not, if I kill you now, I can still safely evacuate.”

Hamid gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all my people outside. You can’t escape at all!”

Charlie shook his head: “No, no, no, you are wrong. Those people outside are all my people.”

Then Charlie opened the door and told Faisal: “Take the two people outside that this man left at the outer door, remember not to let the people in the yard hear you!”

Faisal nodded without hesitation: “Yes!”

Hamid was stunned and yelled: “Faisal, you dare to betray me!? Betray our grand goal of overthrowing the Syrian government!?”

‘Sorry!’ Faisal pointed at Charlie respectfully with both hands, and said without hesitation: “I am only loyal to this gentleman now!”

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