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Chapter 2667

Hearing Charlie’s question, the boy blurted out: “First of all! I don’t believe you came from China at all! Because this is not realistic!”

After speaking, he looked at everyone and said very seriously: ”Everyone has studied the geography of the world. You must know the distance of China to here! If you fly from the central area of ​​China, the straight-line distance is at least 6,000 kilometers. If you are from the western region of China, the distance is no less than five thousand kilometers.”

Charlie gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: “You really are a damn smart! You know everything!”

After saying that, Charlie turned around and said jokingly: “But you guessed wrong, I’m not from Central China or from West China. I came from East China.”

“East China?!” The Indian boy disdainfully said, “East China is even more impossible! East China isover seven thousand kilometers, how did you fly over in such a short period of time? Did you take a rocket?”

He sneered again: “And, as we all know, Syria has not resumed flights due to the war. You want to travel from China to Syria, you must first fly to the neighboring countries, and then come into Syria by land. Even if you use the shortest route without delay for a minute, according to my estimation, you will need at least twenty hours to arrive. , But we haven’t been captured for even twenty-four hours. You must think I am stupid! You are lying to us!”

Charlie shook his head helplessly, looked at Zoey, and asked: “Has this guy always been this way?”

Zoey’s expression was a bit embarrassed at once, but also a little hesitant. In fact, she was not sure about Charlie’s identity, and she couldn’t believe what Charlie said.

Moreover, listening to Charlie’s voice face to face is somewhat different from what she and Charlie heard through their mobile phones in the WeChat communication. In addition, Charlie didn’t reveal his identity, so she was a little suspicious.

After all, the speculation made by the Indian boy just now is not unreasonable. Charlie’s statement is somewhat contrary to logic in terms of time and space.

At this time, the Indian continued: “Every time our SEAL team performs a mission, it strives to be 100% successful, so they will definitely formulate a comprehensive rescue plan. I believe they will be here to rescue us very soon!”

Charlie sneered: “For all your talking and numbers you are a stupid child. To tell you the truth, the news that you guys were captured was not reported by the European and American media at all! Do you know what that mean? It means that your fellow Americans don’t even know that you are captured! So your army won’t bother to send soldiers to rescue you. Don’t even mention sending a SEAL team to rescue you. The insurgents demanded 80 million ransom but were rejected. Do you still expect them to send troops to rescue you? Do you think your dad is Bill Gates?

“I don’t believe it!” Several young Americans retorted in unison: “You must be lying!

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