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Chapter 2657

The two rebel soldiers felt uncontrolled fear. They should’ve been safe, they were inside their base surrounded by thousands of heavily armed troops, even the villagers supported and cheered for them! As far as they were concerned, they were absolutely safe from any attack while patrolling the interior of the village. But here they stood, a hand clamped on their neck with such force that they could neither move or even make a sound. The whole situation was beyond confusing, and absolutely horrifying to them.

Because they are not responsible for guarding the base, neither of their guns were loaded, which means that if they want to use their guns to deal with the enemy behind them, they must insert the magazine and chamber a bullet before being able to fire. However, this process takes a few seconds at the fastest.

And the hand of the other person pinching the neck of the two people was surprisingly strong, it felt like a hydraulic clamp on their neck. Neither of them dared move for fear that this hand would break their neck. So, both of them cooperated and threw their guns on the ground and then raised their hands.

One of them said trembling: “Hey friend, take it easy. Need to to act hastily.”

Charlie said coldly: “You two turn around.”

After Charlie finished speaking, he loosened the grip on their necks.

The two dared not delay, and quickly turned around. When they saw Charlie, they looked shocked and bewildered. They originally thought that this person must be an American.

There are two reasons for thinking so.

The first reason is that they captured eight young people from the United States in their battle against the government this time, and they took these eight people as hostages and demanded a huge ransom from the United States, so the United States sent people to rescue them. It makes sense.

The second reason is because they also know that the combat effectiveness of US soldiers are better than that of anywhere else in the world. Only a Green Beret or U.S. Navy Seal would be able to infiltrate them like this.

However, what shocked them was that the man in front of them was from China.

One of them nervously asked, “Who are you? What do you want?!”

Charlie said coldly, “You are not qualified to ask me questions. I ask the questions. Answer, and answer honestly. Whoever does not answer well, I will kill him, understand?”

The two hurriedly nodded: “Understood!”

Charlie: “Where are the young Americans you captured?”

One of them said hurriedly: “The eight people are imprisoned in the cellar of Ansala’s house!”

Another quickly added: “Ansala’s house is right there. In the middle of the village, close to the square!”

Charlie asked again: “How are the eight of them now? Are all alive?”

One nodded and blurted out: “They are all alive now, but they will start executing them soon. If the U.S. Embassy is unwilling to pay up, our commander is going to execute one person every 30 minutes put a little pressure on the U.S. Embassy.”

Charlie continued to ask: “How many entrances and exits are there in the cellar, and how many guards are there?”

The man said “There is only one entrance to the cellar. There are four people guarding it inside, and there are about a dozen people guarding it outside. These guards usually live in Ansala’s house.”

Charlie asked him: “Then if I want to go in, do you have any way to bring me in?”

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